Near Ploërmel: this family lives in a 160m2 house with electricity and water

By Melanie Sparfel Published on 23 Sep 22 at 17:02 The Ploermelais See my news Follow this media Cécile White lives with her family in a self-sufficient energy house of 160m2, in Campénéac (Morbihan). ©Le Ploërmelais After two years of construction, Cécile and Owen White moved in with their children in July 2018, in a … Read more

For the books ‘Satan’ and ‘Like water for chocolate’ the parents of a school in Bogotá protested

(Colprensa – Camila Diaz) Parents of a school in Bogotá are in the midst of a wide-ranging debate after the institution included the books ‘Satanás’ by Mario Mendoza and ‘Like water for chocolate’ by Laura Esquivel in their students’ reading plan. According to what the relatives of the minors, 12-year-old children, point out, those novels … Read more

Islas Marías “The walls of water”


The Islas Marías Penitentiary Complex for 114 years (1905 – 2019) was an ideal witness and contributed its collective memory for the change to a penitentiary focused on social reintegration. I. Timeline: 1905 May 12. Presidential decree, establishment of the Penitentiary Colony “Las Tres Marías” during the presidency of Porfirio Díaz. 1929. Entry of a … Read more

China: Zhong Shanshan, the mysterious billionaire who turns water into gold


To paint the portrait of the richest man in China is to delve into an ocean of secrets. Zhong Shanshan, 67, is much less well known than the Nongfu-stamped red-capped mineral water bottles that made his fortune. It sells more than 15 billion per year, which makes China the first consumer of mineral water in … Read more

Water parks: the 12 most beautiful wet attractions in Italy and Europe


Come on there! Whether you leave in July, August or September, the holidays are about to arrive and we are all looking for a destination for a few days of vacation because, finally, after two years of blocking, this year you can leave and go around without restrictions … But a moment: some precautions still … Read more

Nine swimming goggles for the whole family that protect against water and sun


We select a series of swimming goggles for the whole family with anti-fog and sun protection features.Getty Images Swimming goggles are the ideal complement when we go on vacation and an accessory that we cannot fail to include in the suitcase. Long exposures to the sun, the sparkling reflections that its rays cause on the … Read more

The details of the yacht where Messi and his family enjoy their vacations: its rental costs 70 thousand dollars a week and it has “water toys”


A sample of the interior of the yacht where Messi and his family spend their vacations ( Still a couple of weeks to go Leo Messi join the return to work at PSG. That is why, after participating in the matches against Italy for the Finalissima and against Estonia in San Sebastián with the shirt … Read more

The erratic management of Nuevo León: Water scarcity, the future that awaits us

In a personal capacity, by Armando Morquecho Camacho // If I was asked to make a top 5 of my favorite movies, Mad Max: Fury Road would be on that list without a doubt. The plot, the soundtrack, the make-up, the acting, and of course the visual effects are magnificent and in my opinion, it … Read more