What is “Everything can happen” about, how many chapters does it have and how to watch the Italian series

willing to conquer Spain. The series “Anything can happen” is an italian production that will seek to position itself as the public’s favorite with its fun and exciting episodes. The fiction that tells the story of the Ferraro family will show everyday situations with which many will feel identified. “anything can happen” is a great … Read more

Blog | Children watch more TV than 20 years ago, and half of them never read


Other than two hours of Melevisione a day. Today 5% more 3-5 year olds watch television routinely than those who went to kindergarten in 2000; they were 88.7% 20 years ago and they are even 94.2% today, according to a recent one note Istat. Meanwhile, only half of their 6-10 year old siblings read at … Read more

The Apple Watch Ultra is available for sale


Today Apple customers can buy the new Apple Watch Ultra, Apple’s latest connected watch is essentially dedicated to extreme sports enthusiasts and is ultra-resistant in the event of shock. If you missed the announcement, here’s a quick summary of Apple Watch Ultra specs and features and where to buy it! Launch of the Apple Watch … Read more

The best Disney + Ecuador series to watch at any time


breaking bad, game of Thrones, Squid Game Y euphoria are some of the titles that are part of the golden age of tv series of the new millennium, which have been characterized by being promoted through various platforms in the war for streaming. Whether because of the quality of the scripts, the production, the actors … Read more

There’s a hilarious and optimistic comedy on Netflix, a fun movie to watch tonight.


Do you want to spend a cheerful and carefree evening in front of the TV? Stream this hilarious movie tonight on Netflix. Do you like the light and fun movies? Do you like Berlin and its most popular places? Do you want to know how some religious communities live who have decided to spend their … Read more