Les Secrets de mon père: how is the film by Véra Belmont

During the 22nd edition of the Future Film Festival we had the opportunity to see the film in competition Les Secrets de mon pèredirected by Véra Belmontan autobiographical tale by Israeli cartoonist Michel Kichka, which shows the Holocaust as a trauma whose echo spans multiple generations. Les Secrets de mon père focuses on a family’s … Read more

My Father’s Secrets by Vera Belmont

How can the Holocaust be transmitted in images in a way that is both playful and relevant to today’s young people (even very young people) without resorting to a direct representation on the big screen of the reality of the extermination? A great pioneering producer in the mid-1960s, director of several feature films since “Rouge … Read more

Il signore delle formiche: la storia vera dietro al film


Come si può chiamare in Italia uno studioso di mirmecologia se non “il signore delle formiche”? Ma Aldo Braibanti, a cui calza a pennello questo epiteto, era molto di più e forse anche definirlo semplicemente intellettuale non basta. Antifascista e partigiano fino al midollo, si occupò di letteratura, teatro, poesia, letteratura, cinema, arte e politica … Read more

Vera: review of the film with Vera Gemma, Venice 79


Vera: the review of the film with Vera Gemma, in competition at the Venice Film Festival As it happens in the film Vera, the world of cinema or that of entertainment in general is full of characters who have to constantly struggle with the most important name of their parents, who became famous before them … Read more