“She is not wearing the veil”. Raisi refuses the CNN interview

The Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi yesterday canceled an interview with CNN in New York after the host, the war reporter Christiane Amanpourrefused to wear thehijab during the conversation. As revealed by Amanpour herself on social media, the highly anticipated interview “it would have been the first ever of President Raisi on US soil“, in conjunction … Read more

“We do not receive allowances”: Myriam Bleuse (My very large family) lifts the veil on her income and expenses for her 8 children

Tweeter Share on Facebook In a story on the front page published on Instagram in August, Myriam Bleuse (My very large familyM6) explained that she does not receive allowances but that obviously does not prevent her from providing for the needs of her eight children as well as possible. The continuation under this advertisement In … Read more