Family tree: the specialists who will help you build the history of your family

The Afro-Peruvian content creator, publicist and model Natalia Barrera was made an offer that she could not refuse: to build her family tree. It was offered to him by a young man passionate about science, named Camilo Dolorier, who since 2020 has dedicated himself to scrutinizing who someone’s ancestors are through the account he has … Read more

He dies killed by a palm tree, family members sentenced to pay legal fees

The tragic story of Claudio Anastasi, who died in Acitrezza in 2013 due to the fall of the top of the tree. 8 ‘READING CATANIA – “Usually, when my father played, I was always there. That evening, unfortunately, no. When it happened they called me right away ”. The June 29, 2013, Claudio Anastasi was … Read more

‘The Red Tree’, the film by producer Sonia Barrera Gutiérrez from Boyacá, which arrives in Tunja and Sogamoso | THE NEWSPAPER


Boyacá producer Sonia Barrera Gutiérrez premieres this Saturday, September 24 at Cinelandia Iwoka in Sogamoso and on September 30 and 1. in October at Multicine Viva from Royal Films in Tunja, the film ‘The Red Tree’, by director Joan Gómez Endara. They will be unique functions that will be accompanied in theaters by the producer … Read more

One Tree Hill lands on Prime Video: why rediscover the teen drama of the early 2000s


One Tree Hill: A picture from the series “Tree Hill is a place like so many others in the world, maybe it looks like your world, or maybe it doesn’t look like it at all. But if you look at it carefully you might see someone like you in it. He’s trying to find his … Read more

House of the Dragon: the explanation of the Targaryen family tree


House of the Dragon, prequel to the successful Game of Thrones series, could confuse us viewers due to the intricate family and dynastic relationships born from the pen of George RR Martin. Let’s make order through the family tree of the noble house protagonist of the show: the Targaryens. Which blonde hair of Westeros will … Read more

‘The Red Tree’, a journey that seeks the meaning of family


An emptiness and uncertainty seizes three lonely souls who embark on an adventure through the roads of Colombia. Though the red tree is a film about the dilemmas of a dysfunctional family at the end of the 90s, the armed conflict is subtly integrated as a transversal character in the plot, whose common thread is … Read more

‘The red tree’: the bagpipe as a vehicle for family and affective ties in Colombian fiction cinema


What and who is the family? Sometimes just something like an unexpected trip full of setbacks serves to answer that question, beyond blood ties. In that sense, the red tree, by Bogota director Joan Gómez Endara, is a road film that does not reinvent the genre, but it is a very worthy representative. In its … Read more

The House of the Dragon: Family Tree of the Targaryen Family, Explained


MADRID, 24 Aug. (CultureLeisure) – Game of Thrones fans had their first contact with House Targaryen from the hand of the Viserys and his little sister, the unforgettable Daenerys. And now, the premiere of The House of the Dragon on HBO Max has meant the arrival in a storm of a good handful of members … Read more