Cinema in places of culture, the tour of Federico Moccia’s “Mamma qui I’m in charge” starts from Mann

The first stage of the “Participation Tour” of “Mamma here I am in control!” the new film by Federico Mocciawhich, in the coming months, will lead the younger generations to experience cinema in places of culture. Through the “Partymovie” project, funded by Invitalia, the Ministry of Culture and the European Commission (Cultura Crea), children up … Read more

At the Mann the “Participation Tour” of Federico Moccia’s film

archaeological site of Naples NoonSeptember 23, 2022 – 5:05 pm “Mamma here I am in charge”: a project funded by the European Commission, the Ministry of Culture and Invitalia to encourage young generations to visit the major Italian cultural sites through cinema from Online editing The first stage of the “Participation Tour” of “Mamma here … Read more

During their tour of France, this family stops in Meaux to fight against the isolation of seniors

By Laura Bourven Published on 20 Sep 22 at 18:14 The Marne See my news Follow this media Fiona Lauriol (right) is touring France with her parents to raise awareness against the social death of seniors. ©Laura Bourven/La Marne For a year, Fiona Lauriol and her parents do the tour of France in a flocked … Read more

A family from Lot is planning a world tour in a truck arranged on two levels with even a garage


the essential It’s not just a truck, it’s not a house either. It’s a house in a truck, on two levels. With a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom and even a garage in the basement of this beautiful “sideboard” of 13 tons. The ex-candidate of Koh-Lanta, Lotoise de Prudhomat Claire Pradayrol, accustomed to great … Read more

Colegio de La Serena wins study tour in “The Last Passenger”


Last night there was a chapter full of emotions in the program “The Last Passenger” of CHV, in which three schools from the Coquimbo Region participated, who risked everything for the long-awaited study tour to the town of San Carlos, Bariloche in Argentina. The representatives of the Gregorio Cordovez (La Serena), Rakiduam (Coquimbo) and Bicentenario … Read more

Guided tour by its owner on Sunday September 18 at 10 a.m. (entrance to the Virgin crossroads); free visit of the castle park Château de Longages


Guided tour by its owner on Sunday September 18 at 10 a.m. (entrance to the Virgin crossroads); free visit of the castle park Château de Longages-Comminges, 17 September 2022, Longages. Guided tour by its owner on Sunday September 18 at 10 a.m. (entrance to the Virgin crossroads); free visit of the castle park 17 and … Read more

tick, tick … BOOM !, the new tour starting at the Coccia Theater in Novara


“tick, tick… BOOM!“, The great musical that celebrates Jonathan Larson And Stephen Sondheimthe two masters of contemporary American musical theater, will debut in his first Italian production to the Coccia Theater of Novara the September 24, 2022 and will continue his tour in major Italian theaters. tick, tick… BOOM! conquered the general public with the … Read more

The different races of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ that will tour the landscapes of the Second Age | Television | Entertainment


JRR Tolkien is undoubtedly the father of modern fantasy. The influence of his work can be seen in books, television, movies, games and every other possible medium where high fantasy can be enjoyed. The blockbuster film series The Lord of the rings Y The Hobbit brought Tolkien’s incredible vision to life in a way fans … Read more

Prince Felix celebrates his 20th birthday when the Tour de France arrives in Cahors with his family


This July 22, Prince Felix of Denmark celebrated his 20th birthday. Queen Margrethe II’s second grandson is currently on vacation with his dad, Prince Joachim, his stepmother, Princess Marie, his half-brother, Prince Henrik, and his half-sister, Princess Athena. As the Danish royal family is a fan of cycling, Joachim and his children attended this stage … Read more