A father missing for 20 years, a torn family and an accused “out of this world”: a story that is steeped in the strange, the dubious and the appalling in front of justice

“The Assize Court was faced with two possibilities, both disturbing and rare: either a son made his father’s body disappear, or a mother wrongly accused her son. » Thus the president of the court, Marc Trévidic, he summarized, by reading the motivation of the verdict, Thursday, September 22, the crux of the singular affair which … Read more

Injuries, racketeering, death of his agent, family torn apart… Paul Pogba’s annus horribilis

6:30 a.m., September 13, 2022 Whatever the aim, it cannot be said that the Pogba affair promotes maraboutage. If, as his older brother Mathias seemed to affirm, Paul used it to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé, it’s failed: nothing interferes with the planned rise of the striker of the France team and of PSG. … Read more

Killed and torn to pieces by the family: the body of the baker from Giffoni recovered


Thanks to the work of the Fire Brigade and Alpine Rescue, the body of Ciro Palmieri, the baker of Giffoni Valle Piana killed, according to the investigators, by his wife, Monica Milite, by his son Massimiliano and by the other 15-year-old son. The youngest, aged 11, witnessed the scene “stunned and astonished”, as pointed out … Read more

Jewels, limousines, the private jet and even a piece of the sofa: Elvis torn to pieces and put up for auction


The myth of Elvis Presley continues to make its echo heard strong: 45 years have passed since the tragic death of the King of Rock’n’roll, the August 16, 1977, at the height of a fulminating and extraordinary career as a singer and actor, and still today his name stirs an army of young and old … Read more

“Dad torn to pieces without a reason.” It delves into the life of the Kurti family


MASI (PADUA) – The experts of Res they look for traces of blood everywhere, even in the apartment that Shefki Kurti had painstakingly bought into via Ghirardini to Badia Polesinea stone’s throw from that canal Adigetto where his dismembered body was found last week. And the investigators of the Arma dig into the life of … Read more

Violence, marriage and heritage: Guerlain, the underside of a torn family

Ladies man, horse lover, famous perfumer… There is no shortage of words to describe Jean-Paul Guerlain, the man able to distinguish more than 3000 olfactory nuances. Its top-of-the-range nose has helped perpetuate the Guerlain lineage, whose house was founded on rue de Rivoli in Paris in 1828, by the chemist and explorer Pierre François Pascal … Read more

Guardianship, marriage and “death threats”: why the Guerlain family is torn apart in court

The son of the famous perfumer appeared for “death threats”, in particular against the companion of the latter. A scent of discord will float in the court of Versailles this Monday. Stéphane Guerlain, son of the famous perfumer, is summoned to appear by the companion of his father, now 85 years old. She accuses him … Read more