Mañueco announces that a family will be able to save up to 3,000 euros per student with the help of the Board | 09/23/2022 – 1:38 p.m. During the inauguration of the 2022-2023 school year in Castilla y León, held this morning at the IES Conde Diego Porcelos, in Burgos, the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, announced for this legislature an increase in aid to families to meet school expenses … Read more

His speech on “the importance of family” shocks, a student risks losing his right to practice psychology

“I have exercised my fundamental right to free speech to speak to my classmates about what I consider to be the most pressing issues of our time. Now I risk losing my entire professional career. » Christian Cortez Pérez graduated top of his class at the School of Medicine and Psychology at the Autonomous University … Read more

He was kidnapped on Student Day, his family paid a $277,500 ransom and he was never seen again


for the family of Christian Schaerer The arrival of spring ceased to be a synonym of joy almost two decades ago, although it is still a special time. It was just a September 21, in 2003, the last time they saw him. Since then, two oral trials have been held for the kidnapping and disappearance … Read more

Failed student, parents appeal for failure to activate recoveries and school

A student came from another educational institution and this fact had led to problems of adaptation to the new school situation. Furthermore, the student would have had great difficulty in getting in tune with the professors, all complicated by the distance learning dictated by the Covid pandemic. At the end of the year of profit, … Read more

School addresses condition student enrollment: Parents Association


The State Association of Parents of Veracruz has received at least 25 complaints for unlawful acts committed by state elementary, middle, and high school boards. Change of uniform without prior notice, conditioning the registration of minors due to the non-payment of the voluntary fee, and requests for school supplies and cleaning supplies from recognized brands … Read more

The troubled family history of Mary Kay Letourneau, years before her affair with her young student


A documentary broadcast in the United States focuses on the life of Mary Kay Letourneau, this former teacher sentenced for having abused her underage student. He makes new revelations about the father of the one who died in 2020. Before making headlines around the world in the 1990s, Mary Kay Letourneau had already experienced a … Read more

France: The family of a Moroccan student killed by the police calls for the reopening of the investigation


The family of the young Moroccan killed by the French police has asked the Parisian justice system for a new autopsy of their son’s body, and to investigate the circumstances of his death. Moroccan student Zakaria Menouni died in a hospital in France a few months ago. The public prosecutor indicated that a criminal investigation … Read more

At the Liceo Artistico Alfieri the state exam of a very special student: “A great achievement for Michele”


We receive and publish from the “Benedetto Alfieri” Art School the description of the performance of a State Exam for a very special student. Michele has just finished his schooling at the Liceo Artistico “B. Alfieri ”, taking the final exams together with his 5A classmates, which he faced in all his passages, ending with … Read more

MORNING ESSENTIALS: debate of the 1st circo. Student scholarship. Rap. And the Simon family.


Posted on 06/16/2022 at 07:36 What you need to know before starting this day. WEATHER REPORT Hot The sun will be everywhere all day. Temperatures continue to climb with 29°C on the Côte des Bar; 30°C in Troyes, Romilly-sur-Seine and Arcis-sur-Aube. Happy birthday to the Régis . > See your daily horoscope ______________________________________________________________ NEWS OF … Read more