The Ministry of Public Works will finance works to strengthen Regional Productive Frameworks

The Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis, together with the head of the Public Works Interjurisdictional Integration Unit, Oscar Minteguía, and the director of Institutional Relations, María Pía Vallarino, signed agreements with mayors and mayors for the financing of 12 works in within the framework of the Infrastructure Program for Regional Productive Frameworks. In this … Read more

How to strengthen the family and school alliance

Until before the pandemic, the general norm accounted for a relationship marked by the Difficulty finding a space for dialogue, as a result of various factors: mutual reproaches, linked to the invasive demands of families or, on the contrary, apathy crystallized in the image of the boys’ storage school. The role of teachers and the … Read more

Soil mechanization work began to strengthen family farming


Itaipu Binational Photo Asunción, IP Agency.- Itaipu Binacional reported that soil mechanization work has begun to strengthen family farming in the different departments of the intervention area of ​​a project financed by the institution. Some 2,500 families will benefit from this new agricultural undertaking. This is the project “Inclusion of family farming production chains (Prodicaf)”, … Read more

7 recommendations to strengthen the operation of family businesses


Family businesses are equivalent to 90% of the business units in Mexico. These types of companies are responsible for generating up to 85% of the country’s GDP, according to Tec de Monterrey. The consulting firm LLYC proposes 7 tips to promote the longevity of family businesses. Do you already know our Instagram account? follow us … Read more

Province and Nation strengthen networks for the protection of children in Apolinario Saravia and Las Lajitas


The Secretariat for Early Childhood, Childhood and Family of the Ministry of Social Development coordinated meetings of Local Networks for Children and Adolescents in Apolinario Saravia and Las Lajitas, where together with national and municipal officials and community leaders from schools, picnic areas, health centers, among Others exchanged diagnoses on the situation of girls, boys, … Read more