A father missing for 20 years, a torn family and an accused “out of this world”: a story that is steeped in the strange, the dubious and the appalling in front of justice

“The Assize Court was faced with two possibilities, both disturbing and rare: either a son made his father’s body disappear, or a mother wrongly accused her son. » Thus the president of the court, Marc Trévidic, he summarized, by reading the motivation of the verdict, Thursday, September 22, the crux of the singular affair which … Read more

Avalonia, the strange journey: a trailer for the great Disney adventure

After Encanta, Disney returns with the trailer for its new animated film, Avalonia, the strange journey. While the war rages between Disney and the French cultural authorities for the release of Black Panther 2 in French cinemas, the studio has already condemned one of its films on French territory. Indeed, the studio with big ears … Read more

The strange insistence of Ghislaine Marchal’s family to designate Omar Raddad as her murderer


Jean-Marie Rouart publishes “Omar, the making of an injustice” with Bouquins editions. ©Alain JOCARD / AFP good leaves Jean-Marie Rouart publishes “Omar, the making of an injustice” with Bouquins editions. Why did a writer come to the defence, upon his conviction in 1994, of a Moroccan gardener wrongly accused of murder? Jean-Marie Rouart returns in … Read more

VdD experience: the strange nocturnal visit to a family from Huelva


There are many people who during sleep can experience what is called “sleep paralysis” or “night terrors”, an intense and unreal experience that belongs to the dream but seems real. However, there are others that are more lucid and cause doubt, especially when there is evidence that what they experienced was not a dream… This … Read more

Colombian dies in strange circumstances in Spain and his family still cannot repatriate the body


A Colombian family lives a drama after being informed that one of their loved ones had died in Spain in strange circumstances. As if the pain of learning that a relative had died without knowing why in another country was not enough, this nightmare is compounded by not knowing how to repatriate the body to … Read more

Xochitl Gomez Reflects On Doctor Strange 2, Entering The MCU | Pretty Reel


ComingSoon spoke with Xochitl Gomez about her role as America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Gomez spoke about the advice she received from Sir Patrick Stewart, the merchandise of her character and the significance of the film’s portrayal. MORE: Vengeance Interview: Boyd Holbrook Talks Family Dynamics, Indiana Jones 5 “In the … Read more

Amityville: between murders and strange events… The story of the house that inspired horror films


This is a story that would make Melinda Gordon swoon. If you’re a fan of horror movies and you like to feel your blood run cold, you probably know the “Amityville” saga. But did you know that this series of feature films draws its inspiration from a true story? Located on Ocean Avenue on Long … Read more

Massive new update on the deaths of the family of 3 and their dog after the official cause of death was labeled “strange”


A man had to be rescued after traveling on a California hiking trail to investigate the “strange” deaths of a young family of three and their dog. The unidentified tourist traveled from Michigan to the Sierra National Forest to research the deaths of Ellen Chung, her husband, Jonathan Gerrish, and their one-year-old daughter, Miiju. 4 … Read more

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: John Krasinski’s choice was fan

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness we have seen Stephen Strange confront the Illuminati. In the film, the actors who made up this formidable team are all members, in different ways, of the Marvel world, from Hayley Atwell in the role of Captain Carter, a Patrick Stewart returned briefly as Charles Xavier, or … Read more

Fauna was built in a very strange way, with very different references, says Nicolás Pereda

A couple of shiny and extravagant wigs are enough to transform a troupe of actors who exercise the perpetual present and of each scene, without history or future, to transform them into clear interpreters of a traditional role before the camera. The mimicry of unstoppably smoking invisible cigarettes and his steps in a hotel room … Read more