A family story, the right hand I sing in memory of those who are no longer there

At three in the morning Giorgia Meloni speaks and Lia – Miss Lia, my aunt – claps her hands. The winner of September 25 dedicates the result to those who are no longer there and Lia claps her hands in the important room of her home with the radiant happiness of her eighty-five springs. Everyone … Read more

STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life will be available as a physical edition on Nintendo Switch in summer 2023

The latest installment in this hit series takes players to the Forgotten Valley, a tranquil community where they will begin their carefree new lives farming and raising animals, surrounded by family. Long-time fans will find many exciting updates in the Forgotten Valley, while newcomers to the series will discover the joys of good farm life … Read more

Mazara: “Denied the right to vote to me and my family, I’ll tell you my story”


On 10 January 2022 I request a change of residence from the Municipality of Mazara del Vallo to the Municipality of Milan. On 03 March 2022 they notify me that the change of residence was successful and that later I would receive the new electoral cards of the municipality of Milan for me and my … Read more

A father missing for 20 years, a torn family and an accused “out of this world”: a story that is steeped in the strange, the dubious and the appalling in front of justice


“The Assize Court was faced with two possibilities, both disturbing and rare: either a son made his father’s body disappear, or a mother wrongly accused her son. » Thus the president of the court, Marc Trévidic, he summarized, by reading the motivation of the verdict, Thursday, September 22, the crux of the singular affair which … Read more

The story of Italian diving at the Sports Festival, Klaus Debiasi and Giorgio Cagnotto between rivalry and friendship


TRENTO. The two protagonists of this long and lasting story for 75 years nowthey have in common, first of all the passion, born from a family tradition for diving: the father of Debiasis was Olympic athlete, the uncle of Cagnotto he participated in the European Championships. Distant times, different times. The dives themselves were different, … Read more

«Sublime», a gay story among teenagers, in San Sebastián | The EC Republic


Sublime. In the film “Sublime”, the first film by the Argentine director Mariano Biasín (Buenos Aires, 1980), a young man discovers that he is in love with his best friend and fears losing him for it, in an atmosphere of tolerance in which he finds the understanding of his family environment and friends. «When I … Read more

The story of the family that had 6 children with schizophrenia: “Even today we don’t know how the drugs against the disease work”


Much of what we know today about schizophrenia we have one family to thank, the Galvins. Originally from Colorado Springs (United States), hers is a tragic story: six of the twelve children that made it up were diagnosed with the disease in an era in which doctors did not know very well how to deal … Read more

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Ryan Murphy’s new miniseries on Netflix about the Milwaukee cannibal that will make your hair stand on end


We still haven’t digested the religious fervor and cruelty of Heaven’s Command and our favorite platforms already have a new series in their catalog that is going to make our hair stand on end. And it is also based on real events. From today we can already see on Netflix Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storya … Read more