“One, none and a hundred thousand”, staged today in Lecce

Until September 15, the appointments of the “Theaters in the South” project, conceived and promoted by the Salento company Astràgali Teatro, continue. LECCE – Today, Thursday 25 August (9 pm – free admission) in the spaces of the De Giorgi Distillery in San Cesario di Lecce, the Compagnia Gabbianella Club of Casoria, brings on stage … Read more

Terni, Beethoven’s Ninth is staged for the Unitalsi family. And the sick want to know Bishop Soddu


TERNI – A hymn to joy dedicated to the most fragile. A hymn to joy that has overturned customs and brought those who, too often, sit at the back into the front row. For the “Concerto della gioia” it was decided to stage Beethoven’s monumental work: the Ninth Symphony. But it is not just that … Read more