The Sicilian patriarchal family / 4… by Domenico Pisana | Radio RTM Modica

The relationships between the members of the Sicilian patriarchal family moved within a hierarchical conception. The father with his rigorous authoritarianism, constituted the summit to which all the other members of the family referred, who conceived, thought and acted not as individuals and with their own individuality, but as members of a group who contributed … Read more

The historic Solicchiata Castle in the world with Planeta, protagonist of the Sicilian Renaissance

Felice Spitaleri di Muglia, the youngest Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, occupies an important place in what, at the turn of the unification, can be considered the beginning of modern viticulture in Italy: like the Piedmontese Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour and of the Tuscans Bettino Ricasoli and Vittorio degli Albizzi, the Sicilian noble … Read more

The Sicilian patriarchal family / 3… by Domenico Pisana | Radio RTM Modica


The couple’s relationship within the Sicilian patriarchal family had some characteristics, which continued to exist until the 1950s, especially in inland areas. 1.Co-presence and marital decision-making The Sicilian couple did not have much freedom of movement, considering that other presences moved within the family. In the shadow of the pater familiasan older person, and the … Read more

Except Sottile: «In moments of relaxation I speak only in Sicilian» | TV Smiles and Songs


The journalist spends the holidays with his two children and tells us about the summers as a boy, the work on TV and the love for his Palermo Antonella Silvestri August 14, 2022 at 08:35 His future will still be at “Your Facts”. Except Thin from September he returns to the helm of the historic … Read more