They sentenced “Güerochino”: hitman of the “Tuta” with the Michoacan Family

Photo: Luis Carbayo/Cuartoscuro More than a decade later, the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) obtained a conviction against Onesimo Gutierrez Cruz, the Guerochinowho was involved in criminal activities for the cartel of the Michoacan Family with whom he would later be the leader of the Knights Templar. According to the reports consulted by this … Read more

Riverdale: an actor from the series sentenced to life in prison for having killed his mother with a bullet in the head!

Riverdale : the actor of the series Riverdale, who interprets Jeffery Augustine, was tried in British Columbia for the murder of his mother. We tell you everything! Riverdale: the series that is talking about her Series netflix develops on screen the story of Archie Andrews and his gang. After a very average fifth season in … Read more

He dies killed by a palm tree, family members sentenced to pay legal fees


The tragic story of Claudio Anastasi, who died in Acitrezza in 2013 due to the fall of the top of the tree. 8 ‘READING CATANIA – “Usually, when my father played, I was always there. That evening, unfortunately, no. When it happened they called me right away ”. The June 29, 2013, Claudio Anastasi was … Read more

Sarthe. Divorced father sentenced for “family abandonment”


By Writing Sillé-le-Guillaume Published on 18 Sep 22 at 10:04 The Mancelles Alps See my news Follow this media The divorced father must “regularly pay” his alimony. ©Pays d’Auge A man divorced from Ballon-Saint-Mars (Sarthe) was sentenced on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 for “family abandonment” by the Nantes Criminal Court after having stopped paying child … Read more

Members of the Familia Michoacana were sentenced to 60 years in prison


Members of the Michoacana Family were sentenced to 60 years in prison (Photo: Gettyimages) Mexican authorities issued an order of judgment that reaches the 60 years in prison against five members of the criminal group known as The Michoacan Family. convicted persons are charged with the crimes of organized crime and kidnapping aggravated. People are … Read more

Mauro Guerra killed during Tso / Marshal Pegoraro sentenced to compensate his family


Mauro Guerra, 32 years old killed by a carabiniere for a Tso The story of Mauro Guerra32 years old killed in Carmignano di Sant’Urbano on 29 July 2015, will be at the center of the new episode of One day in the Magistrate’s Court, broadcast in the second evening of today 27 August on Rai3. … Read more

Disappointment in the family of Antonia Barra: Martín Pradenas sentenced to only 20 years for rape and sexual abuse


“Justice was not done” said the young woman’s mother, who expects 41 years in prison for the person responsible for the crimes. Friday August 26, 2022 3:31 p.m. The Oral Criminal Court of Temuco sentenced Martín Pradenas, who was found guilty of two rapes and five sexual abuses committed between 2010 and 2019 in the … Read more

Alfredo Adame uncovered that Gustavo Adolfo Infante is “sentenced to death” by a powerful family


Alfredo Adame assured that the alleged lies that Infante has told have led him to have several people against him who could even attack him and his family (Photos: Getty Images) Alfredo Adame again attacked Gustavo Adolfo Infante for the accusations he has made against him, which is why he took the opportunity to uncover … Read more

Killer asbestos and mesothelioma. INAIL sentenced to compensate the family of the driver Di Meo | FreedomPress


Added by Redazione on August 14, 2022.Saved under CHRONICLETags: Metastatic pleural mesothelioma asbestos, ONA asbestos legal battle, Colleferro driver FS mesothelioma, Corradino Menchella, DI Meo INAIL, Ferrovie dello Stato aminato killer, INAIL due to asbestos, INAIL due to MEO, ONA Asbestos Mesothelioma, ONA Bonanni, Court Velletri 🔊 Read this post VELLETRI (Rome) – Asbestos and … Read more

Giorgino killed at 15 for a denied cigarette: twelve years later the State sentenced to compensate the family


from Simona Lorenzetti The sentence of the Turin Civil Court of Appeal overturned. Not only that, the supreme judges have also ruled that the compensation must be fair and adequate It’s been 12 years since the day Giorgino Monteanu, 15 years old, he was stabbed to death in the gardens of Borgo Vittoria by two … Read more