The Poseys, the family that became millionaires by reselling American military secrets

Making millions selling US military information to the highest bidder: It’s not the bad guy next door’s plan james bondbut the business of an American family that has been in business since the 1970s. Since 1967, any American citizen can force the government and its agencies to provide the unclassified information they have, thanks to … Read more

Bourvil: return to the secrets of his friendship with Louis de Funès

The story of a meeting between two cinema legends in the 1950s. Bourvil made his acting debut playing the peasant, a bit simpleton on screen. At the same time, Louis de Funès already had a long filmography to his credit, working alongside filmmakers such as Pierre Billon, Sacha Guitry, Maurice Labro and Henri Verneuil. In … Read more

Les Secrets de mon père: how is the film by Véra Belmont


During the 22nd edition of the Future Film Festival we had the opportunity to see the film in competition Les Secrets de mon pèredirected by Véra Belmontan autobiographical tale by Israeli cartoonist Michel Kichka, which shows the Holocaust as a trauma whose echo spans multiple generations. Les Secrets de mon père focuses on a family’s … Read more

The secrets of the family that owns the most iconic domes of the city of Buenos Aires


Violeta Bencich surprised the public with her story – Credits: @Hernan Zenteno For years, the domes of Buenos Aires have been a trend. Whether to observe the city from another point of view, take photos, visit the bar of a roof top or to portray neighboring constructions. What the group that climbed to the top … Read more

My Father’s Secrets by Vera Belmont


How can the Holocaust be transmitted in images in a way that is both playful and relevant to today’s young people (even very young people) without resorting to a direct representation on the big screen of the reality of the extermination? A great pioneering producer in the mid-1960s, director of several feature films since “Rouge … Read more

Family secrets: how they affect the ‘mysteries that are taken to the grave’ and their revelation, according to family constellations


The Netflix series exposes a web of lies that connects two families on a wedding day. How are concealments and secrets interpreted from the perspective of family constellations? In a mixture of drama, satire and humor, the series Family secrets (Netflix) centers on a couple getting married in Warsaw, but the day threatens to turn … Read more

Patrick Sabatier: his brother was “stolen” from his mother, his heartbreaking secrets…


In just a few days, Patrick Sabatier’s new book will be released. In this new book, he decided to open up about a part of his life, kept secret. He notably returned to the day when we “stolen” his brother from his mother. Patrick Sabatier confides in his new book On September 21, Patrick Sabatier … Read more

Excesses, money and abuse in “House of Hammer: Family Secrets”


The documentary series “House of Hammer: Family Secrets” is directed by Elli Hakami and Julian P. Hobbs. / Courtesy HBO Max House of Hammer: Family Secrets, directed by Elli Hakami and Julian P. Hobbs, tells the story of victims of abuse by Call Me By Your Name actor Armie Hammer. Also, as a main voice … Read more

Clara Lago, a rich ‘influencer’ surrounded by family secrets in the new series ‘Limbo’


The title of the new project clear lake It perfectly defines the journey that it proposes us to live. In Limbo, we will see how the 32-year-old actress from Madrid embodies the daughter of an important Argentine businessman, full of luxuries, eccentricities and a life of excesses and carelessness. When her father dies, she must … Read more

Lady Di: secrets of the biography that was sold out and was censored on the same day


Diana and Prince Charles in 1987. According to Morton’s book, Spencer attempted suicide at least five times. (Georges De Keerle/Getty Images) Rarely a book displays immediate effects. When this happens, it is usually because the author or, even more frequently, the protagonist of the story are people of enormous public importance. Everything that happens or … Read more