School takeovers continue in CABA and Acuña demands $1.5 million per day from families

Mariano Acosta School. / Photo: Camila Godoy The occupations of public schools in the City of Buenos Aires by students continued to claim food, better building infrastructure and against labor practices in companies, while the Buenos Aires Minister of Education, María Soledad Acuña, announced that it will demand from the families of the students involved … Read more

In India a perfect storm on school and ‘made in Bologna’ family homes

BOLOGNA – Overwhelmed by the “perfect disaster”. The pandemic first, then the war and now inflation and sting on the bills they hit schools and family homes active in India but ‘Made in Bologna’. It is since 1996 that an organization from Bologna, Namasteoperates in two states in the South Asian country, Kerala and Tamil … Read more

How to strengthen the family and school alliance


Until before the pandemic, the general norm accounted for a relationship marked by the Difficulty finding a space for dialogue, as a result of various factors: mutual reproaches, linked to the invasive demands of families or, on the contrary, apathy crystallized in the image of the boys’ storage school. The role of teachers and the … Read more

Disability management at school: the school


There management of pupils with disabilities within the school presents major problems both in the management of teaching and in school-family relationship. Nonetheless, in recent years the progress of the institutions has been really important and the studies developed by pedagogists, sociologists and disability experts have helped teachers in this difficult path. Model Family Centered … Read more

The new school year, an opportunity for everyone


The education sector, since March 2020, the year in which we began the ordeal of COVID-19, has been marked by a greater sensitivity of the population regarding the needs, advances and results of this field of knowledge in the country. . Without a doubt, we can affirm that society progressively becomes a watchful, acute, questioning … Read more

Gender glossaries and sex education: controversy over school diaries


Imagine discovering, a few days before the beginning of the school year, that in diary about your nine-year-old son, there are a couple of columns you didn’t know about. You bought the diary for him, before putting it in his hand, you leafed through and re-leafed, yet you weren’t really aware of those columns. You … Read more

Who are they and what school did the protagonists of Fate: The Winx Saga have


Fate: The Winx Saga is ready to land on Netflix again with the seven episodes that make up his second season. The series has been able to masterfully reinvent the same atmospheresgiving life to a new production, original and much appreciated also by a more adult audience. Born from the creativity of Iginio Straffi, Italian … Read more

Paris: 3 immersive experiences to test at the start of the school year


Police investigation, heist of the century in a laboratory, diving into the universe of the cult series Friends… Several immersive activities are in the spotlight in the capital. Here are 3 experiences to try for fun with family or friends, and stimulate your neurons. the most criminal: “Murder Party” A life-size detective story. Lovers of … Read more

Mattarella: “Central school value for the Republic”


The value of the school is central to the Republic. With these words the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella introduced the speech for the beginning of the school year. The ceremony took place this afternoon in the Curie-Vittorini complex in Grugliasco (Turin). Mattarella focused his speech on the fight against bullying, early school leaving … Read more