Worst Teen Mom Scandals Ever Ranked | Pretty Reel

The Teen Mom franchise has been around for over a decade, and while some cast members have faded over time, others have become known for their involvement in serious scandals. Created in 2010, as a follow-up to 16 And Pregnant, the original series Teen Mom (later renamed Teen Mom OG) sparked the creation of several … Read more

From ‘Felipe and Letizia’ to ‘Save the King’: how scandals and ‘streaming’ allowed critical television with the monarchy

Two known episodes. February 16, 1994. The press of the day reports the non-issuance of worst show of the week, late night broadcast on TVE’s La 2 directed by Fernando Trueba, who had just won the Oscar for belle epoque, and presented by The Greater Wyoming. The reason, the veto of the Entity’s management to … Read more

The filming of The Swedish Crown has begun: what plots (and scandals) will it tell?


Announced in 2021, the TV series that tells the dramas, scandals and plots of Swedish royal family is about to see the light. At the moment, she reports Varietythe filming phase has begun: the working title is Monarki and will turn the spotlight on the current family king of SwedenCarl XVI Gustaf, of his wife, … Read more

House of Hammer trailer for Armie Hammer scandals docu


Armie Hammer was charged with rape, cannibalism and enslavement. In recent years the career of the promising Armie Hammer (Operation UNCLE, Call me with yours first name, Rebecca) was crushed by the avalanche of charges against him, which include sexual abuse and even cannibalism. A dark and complex story that the broadcaster Discovery he decided … Read more

Inside Vince McMahon’s biggest WWE scandals after he “paid $ 12 million in silence on sexual misconduct allegations”


VINCE McMahon has been plagued by scandals over the years, including paying $ 12 million in hidden money to four women. The revelation comes when the former boss of the wrestling empire has been the center of misconduct allegations for decades. 3 Last month, McMahon stepped down as WWE CEO after nearly 40 years as … Read more

Who are the Epps family? Inside “Seeking Sister Wife”, the star of the fourth season of Marcus Epps, the multiple scandals

Polygamy as a lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, but it works for some people. But when it comes to TLC’s “Seeking Sister Wife,” the point of the show is vague at best: while there are a few families who manage to make it work, they’re few and far between. If anything, the families on … Read more