Mañueco announces that a family will be able to save up to 3,000 euros per student with the help of the Board | 09/23/2022 – 1:38 p.m. During the inauguration of the 2022-2023 school year in Castilla y León, held this morning at the IES Conde Diego Porcelos, in Burgos, the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, announced for this legislature an increase in aid to families to meet school expenses … Read more

From ‘Felipe and Letizia’ to ‘Save the King’: how scandals and ‘streaming’ allowed critical television with the monarchy

Two known episodes. February 16, 1994. The press of the day reports the non-issuance of worst show of the week, late night broadcast on TVE’s La 2 directed by Fernando Trueba, who had just won the Oscar for belle epoque, and presented by The Greater Wyoming. The reason, the veto of the Entity’s management to … Read more

Surreal connection in ‘Save me’: Jorge Javier enters Conchi Ortega’s house and irritates his family


‘Save me’ experienced a quite unexpected and surreal moment this Thursday. Jorge Javier Vázquez moved without prior notice and directly to the home of Conchi Ortega Canosister of the bullfighter, who accepted that the entire team of the Telecinco program entered, unleashing anger on the part of her family: “Will you invite me to a … Read more

FOOD EXPENDITURE / The right supermarket can save € 3,350 per family


A couple with two children can save up to 3,350 euros per year compared to the 8,550 average expenditure estimated by Istat. How? The answer comes from the results of the annual Altroconsumo survey, which identifies the distribution brands capable of ensuring less salty receipts. Source: Altroconsumo Bread at 6 euros per kilo: now it’s … Read more

It is a race to save in Puglia: one in five families chooses the “do


Apulian families are faced with the high prices and find any valid system to deal with the emergency. So in almost one out of five Apulian families (19%) with the arrival of autumn this year we get to work with pots and jars in the preparation of homemade ‘do-it-yourself’ preserves to guarantee a more genuine … Read more

7 CaixaBank options to enjoy leisure activities and save money


The leisure is a exercise essential for many people Spainalthough they carry an important economic spending a month. Thus, the professionals CaixaBank list a series of recommendations to carry out activities during our leisure and save on leisure. Many people need leisure practically every week. It’s a way to get out of the daily grind … Read more

“The alliance of the elderly and children will save the human family”, Francis cries out at the general audience


One more Wednesday Pope Francisco has resumed its cycle catechesis on old age. He has done it from 9:00 h. in the morning at the general audience that is held in the Paul VI Hall during the month of August. The theme of the new meditation has been inspired by a text from the book … Read more

Private and municipal nurseries at the same price Each family will save almost a thousand euros


From September there will be no more unequal treatment: each family will have the opportunity to choose the nursery they prefer without having to deal with the wallet. The Municipality renews the agreement with accredited private nurseries and introduces important innovations for the benefit of parents, who will thus be able to save over 800 … Read more

The mission of this Labrador addicted to tennis balls: to save the endangered turtles


Newton has a job and he takes it very seriously. The mission of this dog is to find aquatic turtles to allow the scientists who accompany him to list them, in order to protect them. When he manages to discover one, he expects only one thing, it is to … Read more