More details emerge about Royal Family Christmas, without Harry and Meghan again

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle won’t be joining the Royal Family for their Christmas festivities this year and once again, due to an important reason as stated by the real experts. King Charles III extended the olive branch last month, but royal experts suspect the couple will reject it, and many of his relatives won’t … Read more

British Royal Family: Some Clothes You Should Wear to a Royal Wedding

No one values ​​etiquette more than the British royal family. With such public figures, it’s no wonder they live strictly regimented lives.. After all, having a strict set of rules helps reinforce tradition and is helpful in helping the family control their royal image. Although it may seem strange that young boys are prohibited from … Read more

Jonathan Coe: “If I became a dictator, I would abolish the royal family!”


Marianne: Victory in 1945, the 1966 World Cup final, Diana’s funeral… seven dates articulate your story. Are they, in your view, the key dates in recent British history? Jonathan Coe: Through the character of Mary Clarke, the heroine of my novel, I wanted to tell the story of my mother’s life. This allows me to … Read more

The Danish Royal Family, in the eye of the hurricane


A few weeks ago, the Queen of Denmark took a step that ended secular traditions: withdraw his youngest son and his grandchildren, the treatment of Danish princes. The Glücksburgs have ruled the country since the mid-19th century, when territorial changes were taking place in Europe and the dynasty maintained ties with the other Scandinavian kingdoms. … Read more

Charles III: how he will upset the Christmas celebrations of the royal family


For his first Christmas as King of England, Charles III is said to be planning to change some of the traditions carried on by his mother, Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 in Scotland. As every year, the British royal family will celebrate Christmas at Sandringham House, in Norfolk. This year, however, King Charles … Read more

Meghan Markle: Why the Royal Family struggled to deal with her ‘excessive self


Two royal authors talk about the dangerousness of Meghan Markle’s self-confidence and approach to royal life. The Duchess of Sussex is said to have her own take on royal duties. Meghan Markle was an active member of the royal family. The problem for Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is her overconfidence, according to Robert Lacey. … Read more

Royal family: the “scandals” that marked the long reign of Queen Victoria


Queen Victoria reigned for more than 60 years: from 1837 to 1901. This is a record, at a time when life expectancy is barely 45 years and when motherhood is the leading cause of death for women. However, Victoria had 9 children who all survived and flooded Europe with their descendants. And this is not … Read more

The powerful shadow of the sheikha of the billionaire royal family of Qatar


visits This is the sheikha that the emir of Qatar has chosen (of his three wives) to visit the Kings ‘Royals’ The Emir of Qatar’s vacations in Majorca with his three wives Since Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani abdicated in 2013, there have been more than few public appearances by the former emir of Qatar, … Read more

Charles III: this very active member of the royal family who suffers from a lack of visibility


Since Prince Harry stepped down from his royal duties and since Prince Andrew was relegated to the background following the Epstein affair, the British royal family has lacked active members. However, one of them struggles to fulfill the commitments of the crown, without being highlighted in the media… For two years, the royal family of … Read more

All about the royal family of Qatar: the Emir, his three wives and his sister (the most powerful woman in art)


The royal family of Qatar it does not have a long history compared to other Arab dynasties, nor is it descended from the Prophet Mohammed, but it has great influence in its country, in the Persian Gulf and in the world thanks to the immense wealth that its members have accumulated thanks to the oil … Read more