The review of “The Empress”: an interesting portrait of Princess Sissi

The Empress is a costume drama about Elisabeth Amalia Eugenia of Wittelsbach and her life as an Austrian empress amid mounting political turmoil. Princess Sissi was one of the most charismatic and interesting rulers of all ages. The TV series The Empress practically tells her story. Here Elisabeth accepts the role of empress of Austria … Read more

Bitdefender Total Security review: what is this comprehensive antivirus worth?

Bitdefender is an extremely popular antivirus, it is positioned among the world leaders with more than 500 million customers in many countries. To do so, it relies particularly on its Total Security security solution. To help you see things more clearly, our opinion on Bitdefender Total Security will look at all the features of this … Read more

‘The Monsters’, review: a cheap and superficial copy of the classic


The director and musician Rob Zombie ran two risks trying to adapt the cult series of The Monsters. On the one hand, convert the reboot in a new nostalgia-filled tribute dedicated solely to the closest fans of the original series. At the other extreme, fall into the cliches inevitable that every production that wishes to … Read more

The life dreamed of by Georgie Stone: review


The documentary, through archive footage, shows us Georgie Stone’s growth and transition path The life dreamed of by Georgie Stone is a short documentary, lasting about half an hour, directed by Maya Newell and written by the protagonist Georgie Stone, who also actively participated in the production. The film was bought by Netflix, which has … Read more

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen) review: the ultimate family tablet!


After the friendly Realme Pad, this year we are testing Lenovo’s brand new touchscreen tablet, the third generation Tab M10 Plus. Slightly more expensive than its competitor, this slate is also intended for families and people with a limited budget. We give you our impressions in this comprehensive test. Facing the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus … Read more

San Sebastián Film Festival 2022: review of “Pornomelancolía”, by Manuel Abramovich (Competition)


Lalo has a double life. Triple, maybe. It is not a question of numbers, actually, but one of ways of presenting yourself to others, whether these colleagues from one job, another or their closest relatives. On the one hand, he is a young man from Oaxaca who works in a factory, operating machines, talking with … Read more

Premieres/San Sebastián Film Festival: review of “Don’t worry, darling”, by Olivia Wilde


For a long time the ’50s were seen by Hollywood cinema, from its iconography, as an innocent and apparently perfect time, with neat and identical suburbs full of typical, economically stable and traditional families: dad works, mom is a housewife. home, the children go to school and in the evenings they all have dinner together … Read more

The experts urge to review in depth the services and centers of the dependency system


Evaluation of the dependency care system (SAAD), prepared by a group of experts commissioned by the Ministry of Social Rights, proposes to review in depth the model of residences Y adjust benefits and services to people’s needs. In an extensive document, the experts analyze the operation of a system that has already served more than … Read more