Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, after 15 years their Disney tale returns in “As per disenchantment”

For years, fans have been asking for a sequel to the love story between Robert and Giselle, the protagonists of As if by magic, and now the dream has finally come true, like in the best Disney fairy tales. Hardly, when the film was released in 2007, with a cast of almost unknowns (except for … Read more

Review of What a Claus family!: Nostalgia returns to Disney + for Christmas

The reviews of David Perez “Davicine”:What a family Claus! After nearly three decades as Santa Claus, Scott Calvin’s magic begins to falter in What a family Claus!. While trying to cope with the demands of his job, Scott discovers a new clause that makes him rethink his role as Santa and as a father. Created … Read more

‘What a Claus family!’: Tim Allen returns as Santa Claus in the Disney Plus + series


Even before the Christmas period starts, many viewers are already beginning to soak up the festive spirit of these dates, starting to watch movies and series whose stories are part of the December and January celebrations with family and friends. In the same way that, on many occasions, we resort to classics such as Alone … Read more

Patricia Barreto and her admiration for Gustavo Bueno: “I hope he returns to ‘Maricucha’ to continue working with him”


The Peruvian actress narrated how her popular character has brought her more than one professional joy. Video: Paula Elizalde / Infobae Patricia Barrett returns with his funny character that has won the hearts of all viewers, this November 15, in the second season of the Peruvian series ‘Maricucha 2′. The actress gave an interview to … Read more

Fernando Colunga returns to television with his darkest role in “El secreto de la familia Greco”

The series “Historia de un clan” inspired by real events surrounding the family of Arquímedes Puccio, presented by Telemundo Streaming Studios/ Underground Producciones the remake of this story with “The Greco Family Secret” which has the return of Fernando Colunga to television. The successful Mexican actor who became popularly known for his roles in María … Read more

Lino Banfi, the daughter returns to talk about the tumor: “The battle is tough …”


Lino Banfi and his daughter return to talk about the tumor that hit her some time ago, a great pain: here are the details One of the comedians who have changed the way of doing television and cinema in Italy is him, Lino Banfi. The man originally from Andria and represents one of the most … Read more

‘The legacy’, Flavio Insinna returns. “The best thing? Keeping people company”


“The year that awaits us will probably be tremendous: we hope to be up to it and to find the right amount so as not to be too much, nor too little. But at that time we give the opportunity to let the soul breathe, and we do company especially for elderly people who live … Read more

Changes in the program Day by Day: Iván Lalinde returns but another of his stars leaves


Edition: Infobae Colombia The musical talent contest ‘La Voz: senior’ ended last Tuesday, November 1. ‘Chencho’, from Kany García’s team, became the winner of this new version. Taking into account the conclusion of this program, Iván Lalinde’s job destiny has been discussed, a presenter who was in charge of this format and who, for this, … Read more

This is how the series El Presidente returns: “Joao Havelange and Sergio Jadue are our guides through this circus”


“What if someone corrupt like him were the narrator of this ‘corrupt’ story?”, the viewer is asked by text. Thus, the new season of President plays one of her cards to authorize herself to bring back the character of Sergio Jadue, played once again by Colombian actor Andrés Parra. The President: The Corruption Game, as … Read more

Ferrari returns to the top class of the endurance world championship with the new 499P


50 years after the last race in the premier class of world endurance with the 312 PB, Ferrari returns with a new hypercar. This is the 499P, which will compete in the top class starting from 2023. The name evokes the history of the house of the prancing horse. In the past, in fact, the … Read more