The historic Solicchiata Castle in the world with Planeta, protagonist of the Sicilian Renaissance

Felice Spitaleri di Muglia, the youngest Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, occupies an important place in what, at the turn of the unification, can be considered the beginning of modern viticulture in Italy: like the Piedmontese Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour and of the Tuscans Bettino Ricasoli and Vittorio degli Albizzi, the Sicilian noble … Read more

The second renaissance of civilization, interview with Anna Spadafora

In an era in which digital, ecological and energy transformations follow one another at an ever more incessant pace, what will be the role of those who work in the economic fabric in the future? This and other pressing questions will be dealt with today at the Open Laboratory in via Buon Pastore 43 the … Read more

The club of 6, inclusive housing for a renaissance


Posted on 06/30/2022 14:46 Isabelle Pham/Franceinfo: Article written by How to offer a “normal” life to a disabled parent? This is the question that Ma├»lys asked herself when she became the legal guardian of Sabrina, her younger sister, who is disabled following a serious road accident. Inspired by other projects, the young entrepreneur has designed, … Read more