The historic Solicchiata Castle in the world with Planeta, protagonist of the Sicilian Renaissance

Felice Spitaleri di Muglia, the youngest Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, occupies an important place in what, at the turn of the unification, can be considered the beginning of modern viticulture in Italy: like the Piedmontese Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour and of the Tuscans Bettino Ricasoli and Vittorio degli Albizzi, the Sicilian noble … Read more

Chiesa: “My protagonist has the mission of growing up between tenderness, madness and pain’

Mónica Chiesa is a teacher, oral narrator and French tarducer. Although it was written in 2012, long before the consolidation of the feminist movement “Not one less”, the novel “Las Vicentini”, by Mónica Chiesa, it anticipates the proposals against the mandate of motherhood and the alliances between peers to narrate loneliness and the abandonment through … Read more

This is what María Rebeca looks like today, protagonist of the endearing movie “The girl with the blue backpack”


In the late 1970’s, Mexican actress Maria Rebeca Y the singer and actor Pedrito Fernandez, starred in “The Girl with the Blue Backpack”a of the most endearing and iconic films of Mexican cinema. More than four decades after its premiere, this beautiful story continues to be broadcast on several of the Televisa channels, provoking many … Read more

Elizabeth II, the flims in which the beloved Queen is the protagonist


Just as the Venice lagoon acclaims the unexpected return of one of the most important women in film history, with the publication of the first reviews praising Blonde, the whole world loses the Queen of England: Elizabeth II died last night in a peaceful manner, surrounded by the affection of her loved ones in the … Read more

He filmed six weeks as Marty McFly but was kicked out: Eric Stoltz, the protagonist of Back to the future that was not


Teenager Marty McFly is Doc’s friend, a scientist who everyone thinks is crazy. When Doc creates a time travel machine, a fortuitous mistake sends Marty to 1955. (Universal Pictures) It is common to hear stories of “what was not”: from the actor who rejected the movie that later became successful or the reverse case, the … Read more

Kristen Stewart: interview with protagonist in Crimes of the Future | Style


Kristen Stewart was born in Los Angeles, where she lives, in 1990. Engaged to screenwriter and writer Dylan Meyer, after being nominated for an Oscar for Spencer (it was Lady Diana) is in theaters with the disturbing-provocative-scandalous Crimes of the Future by David Cronenberg. Getty photo He tells you by looking you in the eye, … Read more

At the age of 84, Rodolfo Bebán died, the undisputed protagonist of the Argentine show


“With great pain we say goodbye to the actor and director Rodolfo Bebán” begins the statement from the Argentine Association of Actors. Rodolfo Bebán, a great figure on the local scene as a result of his intense work in theater, film and television, died at the age of 84, away from acting for several years … Read more

Flower of the desert, the horror of infibulation. So they saved the protagonist of the film


Desert flower is the film that airs this evening at 9.30 pm on Canale 5. Directed by Sherry Hormann, the film is based on the autobiography of the Somali-born model Waris Dirie which, as he remembers Coming Soonshe is not only a model but also a UN ambassador. Desert flower, texture The story of Waris … Read more



Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed. Believing in passions, respecting oneself and one’s talents often rewards, as for Fabius de Vivo, a young actor of Sansevero origins who, after significant experiences in the world of fashion for national and international brands, arrives at the cinema. The approach to acting takes … Read more

Zlatan: biography, career and private life of Ibrahimovic, the protagonist of the film


From the successes in the field to the beautiful family built with Helena Seger: all about Ibra … cadabra! With his feats he bewitched Europe and the whole world. The superfine technique, combined with a statuesque physique, have allowed a Zlatan Ibrahimovic to establish himself as one of the strongest center-forward in circulation, wearing prestigious … Read more