The Crown 5: Everything you need to know to prepare for an epic season

With a new promotional poster, the production of The Crown and Netflix have rekindled the spotlight – as if it were needed – on the fifth season streaming from November 9th on the platform. This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may … Read more

Cat and family: how to prepare your cat for the arrival of a baby?

Are you waiting for a happy event ? Here’s how to make your meeting between your cat and baby go as smoothly as possible. To read laterSavedFollow #chat#chat Tracking The cat has become accustomed to a quiet threesome life and then, one day, he senses that something has changed. The smell of his mistress is … Read more

Review, plan, dialogue: how to properly prepare for the start of the school year

Holidays are an essential fertilizer for the growth of children and their development. Different pace, other activities, different surroundings. Away from school, they recharge their batteries to bounce back better a few weeks later, in the upper class. Adults also must imperatively recharge the batteries. Relentless around revision is not necessarily the solution when you … Read more

The Great Star: Participants prepare for their presentation show at the program’s academy


Participants prepare for their presentation show at the La Gran Estrella academy. (Photo: Composition) the premiere of the great star It is only two days away and the production of the program does not stop showing details of what they have been working on this Saturday with their participants. Some progress was seen through social … Read more

How to prepare a great meal for the whole family even if there are small children, let’s see some recipes

Sometimes it’s not that easy to prepare food for the whole family, especially when there are small children. So very often it happens that you have to cook more types of dishes. However, preparing only one meal for the whole family, even if there are young children, is not impossible following some tips. In this … Read more

French, philosophy and great oral… six podcasts to prepare for the baccalaureate

After the May exams, the 2022 edition of the baccalaureate follows its course. To revise with your hands in your pockets and a little lift your nose from manuals, sheets and other spiral notebooks, here is a selection of six podcasts, with high honors. French “Just the end of the world” (The Student) “Louis, a … Read more