Near Ploërmel: this family lives in a 160m2 house with electricity and water

By Melanie Sparfel Published on 23 Sep 22 at 17:02 The Ploermelais See my news Follow this media Cécile White lives with her family in a self-sufficient energy house of 160m2, in Campénéac (Morbihan). ©Le Ploërmelais After two years of construction, Cécile and Owen White moved in with their children in July 2018, in a … Read more

Near Ploërmel, Quentin and Lucas grow hemp, the plant at the base of CBD products

By Wilhem Lelandais-Foyer Published on 23 Jul 22 at 21:18 The Ploermelais See my news Follow this media Quentin Beauvais (left) and Lucas Mutzig joined forces with Vincent Pinaud and Vincent Sirocchi to create Chenevia in the Ploërmel region (Morbihan). ©Le Ploërmelais the hemp you know ? If that means nothing to you, the word … Read more