In the bingo room between housewives and TV figures: “I have to pay for the wedding dress”

from Teresa Ciabatti At the Dubai Palace where birthdays are also celebrated between one game and the next: «Here they make me feel loved». “But there are those who burn their entire pension” “Since I finished with sex, the emotion is all in here,” says Angela, 78, a widow for ten. Specifying: “The last one … Read more

Meghan Markle complained that the royal family did NOT pay her to work

It seems that Meghan Markle was not happy when he was an active part of the royal family and less it was if did not receive money In return; A close source revealed that The Duchess of Sussex complained that she was not paid to work, a situation that made her feel dissatisfied; This confession … Read more

“We do not pay”, even in Cosenza the national campaign against expensive bills


CORIGLIANO – ROSSANO (CS) – IS Gerardo Smurra, president of Simet to explain to AGI the painful choice that led to the dismissal of 40 people (another 30 spontaneously gave up their jobs), motivating the reasons for the reduction in personnel due to a huge crisis that has hit and continues to affect the entire … Read more

He dies killed by a palm tree, family members sentenced to pay legal fees


The tragic story of Claudio Anastasi, who died in Acitrezza in 2013 due to the fall of the top of the tree. 8 ‘READING CATANIA – “Usually, when my father played, I was always there. That evening, unfortunately, no. When it happened they called me right away ”. The June 29, 2013, Claudio Anastasi was … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence criticized the wage gap in Hollywood: “They pay me less for having a vagina”


Lawrence, who was the mother of a boy named Cy, told the publication about the miscarriages she suffered while arguing to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion ruling that struck down the United States Supreme Court. The actress expressed her outrage that young women across the country now face limited options. “I had a … Read more

Does the former spouse who is unemployed have to pay the maintenance allowance?


by Concas Alessandra, Contact Person for Civil, Commercial and Bankruptcy Law and Family Law – August 26, 2022 When two spouses decide to separate, the one between the two who is economically weaker has the right to receive a maintenance allowance every month, so that they can maintain a standard of living similar to that … Read more

They died on the road and their family sued the automaker, which must pay a fine of 1.7 billion dollars.


In April 2014, an elderly American couple died in a car accident. Voncile Hill, 62, and her husband Melvin Hill, 74, They were driving on a highway in Gwinnett County, northeast of Atlanta, when a tire blew out and caused their truck, a 2002 Ford Super Duty, to roll over, crushing them. At the time, … Read more

The 5 best films by Olivia Newton John with which to pay tribute to an absolute star who made the entire planet dance


Olivia Newton-John He passed away this past Monday, August 8. at her ranch in California, surrounded by friends and family at 73 years old. with such to pay homage to the actress, singer, and activist best known for her role in the musical film grease, here you will meet Olivia Newton-John’s best movies. The star … Read more