The ancient organ of Lallio resounds with jazz notes

How does a small town of 4,000 inhabitants in a Bergamo valley become a point of reference for music lovers? Everything stems from an organ located in the parish church of Lallio (Bergamo): not just any organ but a Bossi Urbani, built in 1889 by one of the greatest Italian organ builders. After the restoration … Read more

“The immensity” with Penelope Cruz: on the notes of the Carrà, a mother and her transgender daughter fight together

OFFICIAL COMPETITION (candidate) “The immensity” is a magnificent Italian film directed by the Roman Emanuele Crialese, already winner in Venice both of a Silver Lion – Revelation in 2006 and of two Pasinetti Awards in the same year and in 2011. The dramatic work, delicate and so well crafted, with a cast headed by an … Read more

Coahuila: loan companies and installment sales leave families without assets with promissory notes


Lawyers and collection offices, contracted by pawn shops, lenders and companies of personal loansthey are abusing in Coahuila with the traffic promissory noteswhich are charged up to five times by different actors and literally leave debtors out on the street. In the National Union of Agricultural Workers (UNTA) Legal support is provided to those who … Read more

Notes on young people, the stimulating reflections of prof Serena Palazzetti


Frail, wandering, dissatisfied here are what experts define as pre-adolescents and adolescents. There is in them the desire to create authentic bonds, the fear of making mistakes, the desire to feel autonomous, the need to build an image of themselves. Now, the evaluation that everyone has of himself is strongly determined by the way in … Read more

NOTES | José Manuel del Río…excuse me

Share on Facebook0 Share on Twitter “Necropolitics is done here, not biopolitics as it should be” German Martinez Caceres Committing abuses under the protection of power, the only consequence is that the damage caused to the victims is reversed, sooner rather than later, justice arrives alone accompanied by tragedies of the same size, or greater, … Read more