Studio Ghibli: 10 memes that sum up the movies perfectly | Pretty Reel

With the grand opening of the highly anticipated Park Ghibli just weeks away, there’s unsurprisingly a surge of interest in the studio’s award-winning animated films. Studio Ghibli films hold an irreplaceable place in pop culture, with its ever-growing fanbase often sharing their favorite lines, fan art, and, of course, memes. From precise starter packs to … Read more

Tonight on TV: Today’s Movies and Programs Tuesday 27 September 2022


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The Best Hulk Hogan Movies, Ranked | Pretty Reel


Throughout the 80s and 90s, Terry Boella would take over the media world as Hulk Hogan. First appearing in WWE and taking over the world of professional wrestling as the hottest personality, selling tickets and becoming one of the longest serving WWE Champions of all time. Hulk’s success in the ring will lead him to … Read more

The 9 best series and movies of Olivia Newton


Last August 8, Olivia Newton-John He passed away at the age of 73. With his departure, he not only left behind a brave testimony of his fight against breast cancer, but also memorable series and movies where he shone with his presence. Thus, beyond his famous work “grease”, This artist has participated in various television … Read more

Tonight on TV: Today’s Movies and Programs Saturday 24 September 2022


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