From ‘Felipe and Letizia’ to ‘Save the King’: how scandals and ‘streaming’ allowed critical television with the monarchy

Two known episodes. February 16, 1994. The press of the day reports the non-issuance of worst show of the week, late night broadcast on TVE’s La 2 directed by Fernando Trueba, who had just won the Oscar for belle epoque, and presented by The Greater Wyoming. The reason, the veto of the Entity’s management to … Read more

Empire of evil: May the monarchy die together with Elizabeth

Seen from the countries colonized by Great Britain, the death of Queen Elizabeth takes on a completely different meaning. And even the trumpeted emotion of its subjects (non-citizens) reveals a bitter truth: even the poorest figures of a colonialist society confusedly realize that their relative condition of material superiority / well-being with respect to the … Read more

Letizia of Spain: the 50th anniversary of the bourgeois “girl” who restored luster to the Spanish monarchy


From the day of November 2003 when Prince Felipe of Spain announced his engagement with Letizia Ortiz, journalist of the TVE Telediary, we remember that suffused murmur between photographers and journalists, surprised by see the future royal bride appear in pants. Indeed, in a trouser suit, to be precise, a beautiful suit signed by a … Read more

Carlos III plans a more austere monarchy and a reduced royal family


EFE.- The reign of Carlos III is presented as a stage in which the British monarchy will move towards greater austerity, will reduce the number of members of the royal family with official tasks and will expand the public use of spaces of the Crown until now restricted, such as the Buckingham Palace. When Prince … Read more

Royal family: the princes of Wales, the future of the monarchy?


The last photo where the royal family was seen together. It was for the 70 years of Elizabeth II on the throne / AP The popular couple formed by Prince William, now number one in succession to the throne, and his wife Catalina, hold, together with their three children Jorge, Carlota and Luis, the hopes … Read more

British royal family: how Kate became one of the most popular figures of the monarchy


Slender and confident, with her dark hair flowing over her shoulders and her elegant attire, Catherine, 40, who was given the title of Princess of Wales by the new King Charles on Friday, performs her royal duties with impeccable grace, while keeping her showing as a modern and attentive mother for her three children. Glamor … Read more