Michel Cymes, 65, who fought against cancer, continues, with his wife, to participate in charity events in support of children

Incognito is how Michel Cymes fought a battle none of his countless viewers feared: cancer. The bomb, announced by Le Parisien in early September 2022, is subtly described in a new book, scheduled for release on October 5, 2022. He is surely not unknown to you. Michel Cymes, the most famous doctor on French television … Read more

Michel Berger and France Gall: this terrible disease which caused the death of their daughter Pauline at 19

During her life, France Gall had to face two tragedies. The death of Michel Berger on one side, struck down by a heart attack and the death of his daughter Pauline, a few years later. The couple’s daughter dies when she is not yet 20 years old. A death that was announced since the young … Read more

Michel Drucker is 80 years old: why a phone call almost ruined his career


Michel Drucker celebrates his 80th birthday this Monday, September 12, 2022. Did you know that a phone call almost ruined his career? There was an ad from the 80s that said “happiness is as easy as a phone call”. There it is rather the misfortune which could have been as simple as a phone call … Read more

Michel Cymes reveals that he has recovered from cancer: “It doesn’t just happen to others”


Thursday September 8, 2022, Stock Editions, in information relayed by The Parisian, announced the forthcoming publication of a new book by Michel Cymes. A book in which the most famous doctor on television reveals that he has recovered from cancer. Very intimate confidences. At age 65, Michel Cymes is one of the essential headliners of … Read more

Michel Leeb: his memories in Nice, Monaco and in the Var


Provence is like a second home for this artist, who has been both actor and singer for over 45 years. This Ramatuelle Festival regular took the time to look back on his career, shortly before going on stage with the play unmentionable. The opportunity “to confess” significant moments in his life. What drew you to … Read more

Michel Galabru died shortly after his wife: this tragedy which had plunged him into a deep depression


Michel Galabru died shortly after his wife: this tragedy which had plunged him into depression (Photo by Frederic SOULOY/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images) This Friday, August 5, 2022, M6 is broadcasting “The gendarme is getting married”. A cult film starring Louis de Funès and the unforgettable Michel Galabru. Died on January 4, 2016, the actor, in … Read more

Michel Drucker and Françoise Coquet, inseparable from TV


DUOS OF SHOCK (1/4) — “Champs-Élysées”, “Vivement dimanche”, “Studio Gabriel”… For fifty years, he has been the light, she is the shadow. The host Michel Drucker and his producer Françoise Coquet scrapped in the world of variety while remaining united. Exceptional TV fidelity. “Where is Francoise? » Michel Drucker, white sneakers on his feet, runs … Read more

Michel Drucker arrives on France 3 with Vivement Dimanche: “I did not hesitate for a second”


By Writing The Voice Le Bocage Published on 25 Jul 22 at 17:14 The Voice of the Bocage See my news Follow this media A busy news for the Virois Michel Drucker who, beyond a passage from France 2 to France 3 at the start of the school year, will also relaunch the tour of … Read more

Michel Drucker slams the door of France 2? He finally balances the truth and reveals his future projects!


Don’t count on him to retire. Despite his health problems, Michel Drucker intends to continue to appear on television screens. He can count on the support of the management of France Télévisions who trust him. And if some see the change of time and channel of his show Vivement Dimanche as an end clap, this … Read more