It was the first pizzeria in Val Rendena, ”opened by mother Maria, a migrant, returning from Chicago”: now the Antica Segheria will change ”family”

CARISOLO. “I never wanted to write these lines but, whoever knows me, knows that I’m unpredictable”. That’s how it is Dario Polliafter nearly 49 years oldannounces one on social media decision actually brought to fruition”softly“, as he himself anticipates a The Dolomites: “I needed time to digest a painful choice, the one of give in … Read more

Maria Grazia Cucinotta: «I learned to cook with my mum and her ragù» | TV Smiles and Songs

The actress never stops. Between family, theater and cinema, you have found the time to be on the cover of our annex Tiziana Lupi November 22, 2022 at 08:07 She was the first to smile: «When they asked me to host “The perfect ingredient”, I thought: “But can someone with a surname like mine do … Read more

María Pía Copello confirms that she will have a program at noon together with Carlos Vílchez


Maria Pia Copello confirmed that he will return to television to host a family-oriented program that will be broadcast at noon through america television. Although the name of the project has not yet been revealed, the former child animator will have as co-host Carlos Vilchez. In this way, the news confirms what was said a … Read more

The Maria Guedez sisters, two destinies linked by family, exile and high


Refugees in Montpellier after leaving Venezuela, Maria Balbina Guedez and Maria Amyulina Guedez stood on the podium at the world sambo championships last week. In Kyrgyzstan, Maria Balbina Guedez (33 years old) and her little sister Maria Amyulina Guedez (23 years old) marked the history of Sambo. And much more than that. By overcoming exile … Read more

María Patiño tells how her lively day to day is with her husband Ricardo and their son

Save me Maria Patiño The presenter of ‘Sálvame’, María Patiño, has given some insights into the routine of the original family that she forms with her husband, Ricardo Rodríguez, her son and their pets, two chinchillas and the affectionate Beige The ‘Sálvame’ team has tried to water down Maria Patino Friday afternoon, … Read more

Teresa Campos, 365 days of her most difficult move: her health bump and the crisis with her grandson, José María


Maria Theresa Fields (81 years old) just wants to live his retirement placidly, away from any media scandal and without being in the headlines in the press and on television. She has assumed what her new life stage is away from that world of work that so many joys brought him: television. Just one year … Read more

Alessandrini characters: Ambrogio Maria Ghilini of noble family

He is the last scion of the illustrious Alexandrian House. He married a very young Cristina from a noble family. Together they gave birth to three children Ambrose was left without a parent at the age of ten. At the age of seventeen he is married to Caterina di San Martino di Agliè, twenty-four months … Read more

The Villa Maria retirement home and its family home in Sangano guarantee personalized assistance services


Posted By: (Inf.Pub.) November 4, 2022 SANGANO – The rest home in Sangano Villa Maria and his Family Home are two structures that guarantee personalized assistance services according to the individual needs of the person. They are adjacent and welcome guests according to their needs and physical and health conditions. Villa Maria it hosts mainly … Read more

Magaly Medina announced that María Pía Copello would be the new host of the program at noon


Magaly Medina said that rumors assure that the influencer will lead a new television program. According to what was stated by the controversial journalist in the latest edition of the program “Magaly TV La Firme” issued on the first day of November, Maria Pia Copello She would be the new queen of thousands of Peruvian … Read more

Among the secrets of the busts, love for beauty and faith. “And Santa Maria inspired the city”


But is it really true that the busts know only “lauà” and make “danè”? LAWS HERE Certainly they are two peculiarities of the natives of Busto Arsizio, but there is much more. So many secrets that are discovered in the booklet signed by Augusto Spada and published by the Bustocca family. There is a story … Read more