Natalia Subtil denied having leaked information from Sergio Mayer’s family: “I never lived with them”

Both Natalia and Sergio Mayer have assured that their fight is for Mila’s well-being. (Photos: Getty Images) The bickering between Natalia Subtil, Sergio Mayer Mori and the former member of Garibaldi do not stop. On this occasion, the model responded to the remarks of her former father-in-law, who in front of television cameras commented that … Read more

Near Deauville: this family has lived in a 13th century mansion for two generations


By Camille Ruffray Published on 14 Sep 22 at 20:06 The Pays d’Auge See my news Follow this media Sandrine and Bertrand Libron, owners of the Manoir des Évêques in Canapville, organize guided tours throughout the month of September. ©Camille RUFFRAY / The Pays d’Auge You have inevitably already passed by, but do you know … Read more

Oscar Barney Finn: “The Berisso that I lived had a devastating force”


In his Buenos Aires apartment on Callao Avenue, dozens of shelves house hundreds of books. And on shelves and furniture, careful portraits show images that, in one way or another, are linked to his native Berisso, and to a past that, as he himself says, “allowed me to see history pass from the window of … Read more

“We lived an act of war”: before the trial of the Nice attack, the heartbreaking testimony of Cindy, who lost six members of her family


NOTWe, the families of victims, hope to bring them back to life through this national tribute. » Nice, October 15, 2016. Cindy Pellegrini, 34, has the difficult task of reading the letter written by the bereaved relatives. Three months earlier, the attack on the Prom’ killed 86 people. Six of them belonged to his family. … Read more

Between loneliness and depression: Victoria’s moving story, she has no family and has lived in an asylum for 11 years


According to INEGI, based on the National Survey of Demographic Dynamics (ENADID) 2018, 15.4 million people aged 60 or over reside in the country, of which 1.7 million live alone. (Photo: Iliana Suarez). Upon entering the Center of Our Lady of Guadalupe Home for the elderly, felt empty, pain, loneliness and abandonment; The grandmothers, with … Read more

“Orsola, Pasolini’s tenant to whom he dedicated a few pages, was my aunt”. Aristide Faroldi tells how she lived in that house in via Platina


“Ursula, the most radically Cremonese of all the people of that Cremona, which has become my homeland“. Who was that woman of whom Pier Paolo Pasolini speaks, with affection and admiration, in some of his most successful pages, those of ‘Operetta Marina‘? “It was my aunt, his tenant, his landlady”: To reveal the little mystery … Read more

Enif Angiolini Robert, lived on art and provocations

Enif Angiolini Robert in the work of Sara Masiani Very satisfied with her long, healthy, pleasant life, in which the sense of friendship and duty prevailed. Very satisfied with her peaceful Transition accepted without fear of the afterlife, which is not there and without useless regrets as something inevitable and normal. Enif Angiolini Robert (Prato, … Read more

They rescue a family with eight children who lived in a car in Tijuana


Tijuana police rescued a Los Angeles family with eight children living inside a compact vehicle a few miles from the San Ysidro port of entry. Residents of the Libertad neighborhood told La Opinion that they had seen the green Honda car with California license plates but “we didn’t think that a family lived there, especially … Read more

The family drama that María Lo lived just after winning ‘MasterChef’: “I was sick”


Mary Lo She became the winner of the new edition of ‘MasterChef’ after a close final that ended up bearing her name. After a first cooking and the mythical outdoor test, which she did not have to dispute since she had already been selected as a duelist in the first, the final duel arrived. María … Read more