From ‘Felipe and Letizia’ to ‘Save the King’: how scandals and ‘streaming’ allowed critical television with the monarchy

Two known episodes. February 16, 1994. The press of the day reports the non-issuance of worst show of the week, late night broadcast on TVE’s La 2 directed by Fernando Trueba, who had just won the Oscar for belle epoque, and presented by The Greater Wyoming. The reason, the veto of the Entity’s management to … Read more

Letizia from Spain “devastated”: these family images that have created a huge controversy…

The media is still going wild over Letizia from Spain. What did she do to get to this point of no return? We tell you everything! SOS Letizia of Spain in distress! Going from a career as a popular journalist to queen consort status is no small feat. When her stepfather Juan Carlos retires, Letizia … Read more

Letizia of Spain: the 50th anniversary of the bourgeois “girl” who restored luster to the Spanish monarchy


From the day of November 2003 when Prince Felipe of Spain announced his engagement with Letizia Ortiz, journalist of the TVE Telediary, we remember that suffused murmur between photographers and journalists, surprised by see the future royal bride appear in pants. Indeed, in a trouser suit, to be precise, a beautiful suit signed by a … Read more

The queen turns 50: ten moments in the life of Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano


Queen Letizia meets 50 years the next Thursday September 15. Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano reaches half a century after a life that she directed towards television, but that she experienced a script twist by sealing her commitment to Felipe de Borbón, which led her to become the first queen of Spain without ties to royalty. These … Read more

Letizia Moratti at San Gerardo in Monza: the minister has guaranteed that it will become IRCCS before the expiry of the government


The Vice President and Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti presented today at theSan Gerardo Hospital of Monza the project for the total care of the cancer patient after the surgery and announced that a new, latest generation surgical robot will be installed in the gynecology department. As part of today’s meeting, … Read more

Letizia of Spain, surprise exit with the family: Leonor and Sofia overtake her


Letizia of Spain, surprise exit: Leonor and Sofia obscure her Home Real Photon news Letizia of Spain, surprise exit with the family: Leonor and Sofia overtake her June 26, 2022 10:30 am Surprise exit for the Spanish Royal Family, who have granted themselves a show at the theater together with Princess … Read more