He dies killed by a palm tree, family members sentenced to pay legal fees

The tragic story of Claudio Anastasi, who died in Acitrezza in 2013 due to the fall of the top of the tree. 8 ‘READING CATANIA – “Usually, when my father played, I was always there. That evening, unfortunately, no. When it happened they called me right away ”. The June 29, 2013, Claudio Anastasi was … Read more

The “male chauvinist” statute of Ricci Oddi is being discussed “Before any changes need a legal opinion”

A question of shared principle, but to be verified with caution in its application in order not to risk facing legal appeals or even the questioning of the donation of the Ricci Oddi family. He discusses the proposed proposal in the city council with a motion from Stefano Cugini and Luigi Rabuffi (Alternative for Piacenza) … Read more

Near Lille, they grow hemp… and it’s completely legal!


By Amandine Vachez Published on 16 Sep 22 at 19:02 Lille News See my news Follow this media In the North, this cooperative grows hemp to make wellness products. (©Amandine Vachez / Lille news) No, their plants are not for smoking. We are not in a “beuh-cherie”, this case is completely legal. A little over … Read more

Ingrid Coronado denied having started a legal action against Anna Ferro


During the BienFest health festival, Ingrid Coronado revealed that no legal process has been started to evict Anna Ferro from her home in Cuernavaca Photos: Getty Images The former host of the program come the joy, ingrid coronadoduring an event held in Mexico City He clarified that he has not started any process against of … Read more

Sarthe. A family takes legal action not to cede their land to the municipality


By Writing Sandblasted Published on Aug 25 ’22 at 4:15 PM Shortbread News See my news Follow this media A family from Mareil-sur-Loir, near La Flèche (Sarthe), asked on Wednesday August 24, 2022 to suspend the preemption exercised by the municipality on land it wanted to sell. ©Le Petit Courrier – L’Echo On Wednesday August … Read more

Controversy over the film adaptation of “Dad’s jump”: the Sivak family and Marta Oyhanarte initiated legal action


The Sivak family lives conflictive moments. In July Paramount+ announced their new production, “Daddy’s Jump”a film based on the non-fiction book of the same name by the journalist and writer Martin Sivak (2017), where he tells the story of the suicide of his father and the kidnapping and murder of his uncle. The adaptation generated … Read more

The daughters of Osvaldo Sivak and Marta Oyhanarte also initiate legal action against the producers of “El Salto de Papá”


One day after the younger brother of journalist and writer Martín Sivak, composer and pianist Gabriel Sivak, announced that he had initiated legal action against the producers of the film adaptation of daddy’s jump (2017), where the life of businessman and financier Jorge Sivak, the four daughters of businessman Osvaldo Sivak (kidnapped and murdered by … Read more

Angelina Jolie, the truth behind the tough legal battle against Brad Pitt


The legal battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and, this time, it is the actress who raises the bar. As reported by the NBC Newsthe Kollywood diva allegedly filed an anonymous lawsuit against the FBI in reference to failure to arrest her ex-husband. The facts date back to 2016 when, as she explained, she … Read more