Now in Italy a “degree” in gender theory is emerging

If there is a theory that is frontally opposed to science, it is the theory, or rather, the ideology of gender. Years ago this seemed so evident that some of its proponents tried, with true denial, to conceal its existence. But then by dint of talking about gender violence and gender discrimination like fig leaves … Read more

Legislative in Italy: neofascism, post

After Giorgia Meloni’s victory in the legislative elections on Sunday, September 25, Italy is entering a phase of political uncertainty and the foreign media no longer know what political vocabulary to deal with. Often described as “neofascist”, the leader of Fratelli d’Italia is also sometimes referred to in the press as “post-fascist”. Marie Anne-Matard Bonucci, … Read more

Enrico Cuccia’s Italy: this is how the country was put back on its feet


“What Cuccia wants, God wants”: the phrase passed into the history of Leopoldo Pirelli well frames the complex and profound figure of Enrico Cuccia, dominus of Mediobanca in the historic season of reconstruction, father of the “parlor” of Italian capitalism, one of the strategists of national development. Correctness, impartiality, confidentiality: three characteristics of the Cuccia-branded … Read more

Italy has awakened to the right and Warsaw splits


Giorgia Meloni wins the majority in Parliament. And while in Poland the leaders and deputies of “Law and Justice” join the standing ovation of Vox, Rassemblement National, Fidesz and the sovereign company, the militants of the progressive forces are looking for an emergency exit Italy woke up with the tricolor that envelops Giorgia Meloni and … Read more

All aboard, an exhilarating journey through Italy that will entertain the whole family


A title to have fun, share laughter and emotions and savor the pleasure of a good Italian comedy, suitable for the whole family, to be seen in the hall. The new film by Luca Miniero, which stars a clumsy and careless father, who tries to do his best (Stefano Fresi), a wild and unreliable grandfather … Read more

Italy to the vote / Comment / The polls will give us an Italy to be interpreted


The editorial by the editor of “il Cittadino” Lorenzo Rinaldi Praise. Viale Dante. Thursday 22 September. Half-empty voting boards. Four posters stand out. “Choose”, reads that of the Democratic Party. “Ready”, echoes that of the Brothers of Italy. Then we have the “Creed” of the League and “Giusta” (on the right side) that stands next … Read more

Italy: five reasons that show that Giorgia Meloni will not advance women’s rights


Guided by the motto “God, family, fatherland”, Giorgia Meloni, 45, considers herself to belong to the conservative wing of the right. But for the media and political observers, she is seen as the heiress of Italy’s fascist dark times. In 1996, she openly declared in front of the cameras of “France 3”: “I believe that … Read more

Chromecast with Google TV in HD is available in Italy


If Chromecast Ultra boasts 4K and HDR support; with Chromecast with Google TV two of the functions most requested by users are added: the Chromecast platform and the Google TV experience, which includes films, TV series and various types of content organized according to user preferences. The new model is called Chromecast with Google TV … Read more

Marko Rus (Alternative for Italy): “Measures for the family and the birth rate to restart Italy”


Alternative for Italy, in asking for the vote for the political elections of 25 September 2022, recalls the five points of the Popolo della Famiglia program. Measures for the family and for the birth rate One of the great problems of Italy is the denatality. With fewer active workers and their contributions, the “welfare” structures … Read more