What is “Everything can happen” about, how many chapters does it have and how to watch the Italian series

willing to conquer Spain. The series “Anything can happen” is an italian production that will seek to position itself as the public’s favorite with its fun and exciting episodes. The fiction that tells the story of the Ferraro family will show everyday situations with which many will feel identified. “anything can happen” is a great … Read more

Italian Renaissance: the itinerary not to be missed

There is a wonderful city, in our country, which is mainly known all over the world for its medieval splendor still visible today in the characters of the historical urban fabric. But the truth is that this magical capital has known moments of glory even during the magnificent season of the Renaissance. Bologna and its … Read more

Italian greyhound: 10 things to know before adopting one


If you are considering adopting an Italian Greyhound there are some things you should know before welcoming it into your family such as, for example, its peculiar characteristics that will help you fully understand the character and needs of this canine breed originating in our country. @ bonzodog / 123rf.com He is the smallest of … Read more

The story of Italian diving at the Sports Festival, Klaus Debiasi and Giorgio Cagnotto between rivalry and friendship


TRENTO. The two protagonists of this long and lasting story for 75 years nowthey have in common, first of all the passion, born from a family tradition for diving: the father of Debiasis was Olympic athlete, the uncle of Cagnotto he participated in the European Championships. Distant times, different times. The dives themselves were different, … Read more

Debiasi and Cagnotto, the history of Italian diving


Journalist Stefano Arcobelli presented two Italian diving legends, Giorgio Cagnotto and Klaus Debiasi. The story of these two great champions begins when Italy counted more in diving than in swimming and stopped whenever these two myths were at work. 24 medals for two, 14 from Kaus and 10 from Cagnotto. Behind these medals, a long … Read more

Everyone loves Jeanne: Italian trailer and previews of Céline Devaux’s film in cinemas from 22 September


From 22 September to the cinema with Notorious Pictures Everyone loves Jeannedebut in a feature film for the director and illustrator Céline Devaux who for the occasion directs a cast led by Blanche Gardin (Tamara, A dream team, #IoSonoQui) and Laurent Lafitte (Little lies among friends, Two very special agents, Either mom or dad). Plot … Read more

Who is the Italian volunteer who died in Ukraine. The family: “A war hero”


FROM THE ENVIENT TO KHARKIV. Benjamin Giorgio Galli had been wounded in the Kharkiv area, the epicenter of the fast counter-offensive with which the Ukrainians took back over eight thousand square kilometers of territory in the east and south of the country.He ended up under a bombardment while he was operating at the front, hit … Read more

Sampdoria, Di Silvio: ‘An Arab investor can enter Italian football for the first time!’


Hello Dr. Di Silvio, are you aware that Sampdoria Genoa is eagerly awaiting news from you on the purchase of Sampdoria by a member of the Qatari Al Thani family?“Let me make a premise. I am bound by an NDA (No disclosure Act, ed), a confidentiality pact towards my competitors that prevents me from going … Read more

Pinocchio (2022): guide to the Italian cast and voice actors


Pinocchio is a transversal figure in the world of literature: the famous wooden puppet, born in 1881 as the protagonist of The adventures of Pinocchio. Story of a puppet from Carlo Collodi has been, since the dawn of cinema, an inexhaustible source for the seventh art that wanted at all costs to interpret the character … Read more

An Italian family in Mykolaiv, in a war zone to bring humanitarian aid with the people of peace | AgenSIR


The story of the Uslenghi family, of Luigi and Cristina who, together with their two daughters, participated in the caravan of peace, traveling thousands of kilometers from Milan to reach Mykolaiv, a city south of Ukraine a few kilometers from the front. The story of an experience of solidarity lived between explosions and alarms. Rebecca, … Read more