Our housing search advice to find your ideal place to live!

Finding the perfect apartment isn’t easy, as finding a home for yourself is both an exciting and overwhelming process. It is a task that requires long moments of endless research that can last hours, days, even months. Depending on your city’s real estate market, you might feel like you have to apply for the first … Read more

Llanada Alavesa: ideal getaways to do as a family

Centennial oaks, waterfalls and mosaics of fauna and flora that coexist on the banks of the source of the rivers. Is he natural scenery that conquers visitors that enter throughout the year in the Llanada Alavesa. In it there are vestiges of other times, medieval architectural constructions and paths such as that of grazing. The … Read more

The new craze for family houses, symbols of the ideal tribe


The photo book passes from hand to hand, from one guest to another. We see two beautiful houses placed on the shore of Bréhat, the pink island off the Côtes-d’Armor. Some discover them, others know them and evoke their memories. Everyone marvels. Séverine is moved. This album is the gift of his friend Natacha for … Read more

“The family is not a beautiful, inaccessible ideal”, says the pope


“Family life is not an impossible mission! »launched Pope Francis by inaugurating the World Meeting of Families on June 22, 2022 in Rome, with some 4,500 participants from all over the planet. At a festival where various couples, including cohabiting spouses or spouses reconciled after infidelity, told their stories, the pope called on parishes to … Read more

Family Day: discover ideal places near Lima to enjoy with loved ones


This Sunday the 11th marks Family Day and it is a wonderful opportunity to travel over the weekend with loved ones to captivating places near the city of Lima. In this way, not only are affective ties within families strengthened, but it also contributes to reactivating internal tourism. Among the various options of places that … Read more

Ben Affleck: what Gwyneth Paltrow said when they broke up… about the actor’s ideal wife


Who imagines Ben Affleck today in arms other than those of Jennifer Lopez? The two fifty-year-olds ended up finding themselves after a long separation of almost 20 years. Love, the real one? Before Jennifer, Ben had known a tormented story with Gwyneth Paltrow … A story to which the actress had, weary, put an end. … Read more

With whom a Hamilton Stovare gets along (and who doesn’t): the ideal company for him


Does he make friends with everyone or is he rather wary? All about the character and the breeds compatible with the Hamilton Stovare to find him the right company. (Photo Pinterest-bonfoto.nl) Doesn’t the perfect companion for a four-legged person exist? Never say never! Sometimes our animal friends manage to establish a beautiful relationship with each … Read more