House Of The Dragon Season 1, Episode 6 Finale Explanation

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Fire & Blood and House of the Dragon season 1, episode 6! House of the Dragon season 1, episode 6 The chaotic ending of episode 6 prepares for the many brutalities that will come in the Dance of the Dragons. “The Princess and the Queen” picks up 10 years … Read more

House of the Dragon, the adult versions of Rhaenyra and Alicent

Now in the middle of its first season (the renewal for the second came a few days after the series premiere), for House of the Dragon from episode number 6 a change of tone and, above all, of the cast, is expected. it’s about two of the key characters in the whole series. It was … Read more

Near Ploërmel: this family lives in a 160m2 house with electricity and water


By Melanie Sparfel Published on 23 Sep 22 at 17:02 The Ploermelais See my news Follow this media Cécile White lives with her family in a self-sufficient energy house of 160m2, in Campénéac (Morbihan). ©Le Ploërmelais After two years of construction, Cécile and Owen White moved in with their children in July 2018, in a … Read more

Surreal connection in ‘Save me’: Jorge Javier enters Conchi Ortega’s house and irritates his family


‘Save me’ experienced a quite unexpected and surreal moment this Thursday. Jorge Javier Vázquez moved without prior notice and directly to the home of Conchi Ortega Canosister of the bullfighter, who accepted that the entire team of the Telecinco program entered, unleashing anger on the part of her family: “Will you invite me to a … Read more

Emma D’Arcy, who is the star of House of the Dragon: career, private life and curiosity


Starting with the sixth episode of House of the Dragonthe acclaimed prequel de Game of thronesthe Australian actress Milly Alcock will give way to Emma D’Arcywho will play the role of Rhaenyra Targaryen as an adult. Not everyone knows that the actress is known to the general public for other roles as well, including those … Read more

First María and now Fiona: Aibonito’s family loses their house again


After rebuilding her house after the onslaught of Hurricane María, with her own effort and without assistance from the government or agencies, Evelyn Cardín could barely express herself yesterday, looking at the house whose roof flew off, again, with Fiona’s scourge. “I went up to get some water. And when I went up there I … Read more

House of the Dragon : que révèle le trailer de l’épisode 6 ?


HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. En diffusion lundi 26 septembre 2022, l’épisode 6 de House of the Dragon saison 1 compte bien marquer un tournant dans la série. Voici ce que dévoile la bande-annonce de l’épisode. Sommaire [Mis à jour le 20 septembre 2022 à 11h31] Après la diffusion de l’épisode 5 de House of the Dragon ce lundi, … Read more

Big Brother Vip, Daniele Dal Moro (son of the deputy) returns to the house


Daniele Dal Moro, 32, from Verona From his Verona, upon returning to the most spied house in Italy. From Big Brother Nip (for the not famous) of 2019 with Barbara d’Urso, to the edition of Gf Vip directed by Alfonso Signorini and departing Monday evening on Canale 5. Daniele Dal Moro is about to return … Read more

Elne: the end of the nightmare for the Fernandez family, 6 years after the start of construction of their house


It’s a life project that has turned into hell! 6 years ago, Sébastien Fernandez entrusts the construction of his house to a local mason who will rush the site. The expertise is formal: the new villa must be destroyed as the poor workmanship is so important. Problem, the ten-year builder is bankrupt, and his file … Read more