10 historic cafes in Rome to see at least once in a lifetime

That ancient, welcoming, familiar pleasure of drinking a good coffee alone or in company. Then, in the heart of the Eternal City, in the historic bars of Rome, those who “if the walls could talk” would tell of actors, directors, intellectuals who sat at those tables, at those counters leaning to enjoy a hot coffee … Read more

The historic Solicchiata Castle in the world with Planeta, protagonist of the Sicilian Renaissance

Felice Spitaleri di Muglia, the youngest Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, occupies an important place in what, at the turn of the unification, can be considered the beginning of modern viticulture in Italy: like the Piedmontese Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour and of the Tuscans Bettino Ricasoli and Vittorio degli Albizzi, the Sicilian noble … Read more

Verona, walking with Gabriel: the most famous cat in the historic center


Lucas and Gabriel The appointment with Gabriel at 10.30 in a cafĂ© in Porta Borsari. It takes a few minutes. Normal, given that every city trip interrupted by photos or videos granted to Veronese and tourists. A lady, a few days ago, followed us from via Mazzini almost to the Arena without ever stopping filming, … Read more

Countdown to the historic “Libri di Liguria” review


Ceriale. Countdown for the start of the historic cultural review “Libri di Liguria”, organized by the “Amici di Peagna” association with the patronage of the Municipality of Ceriale, scheduled from 28 August to 4 September and which will see the village of the Ceriale district as protagonist . AWARD – In view of the forty-first … Read more

A renovated historic jewel in Old Havana will be managed by Blue Diamond Resorts


Blue Diamond Resorts Cuba is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Royalton Luxury Resorts portfolio, Mystique Regis Habana by Royalton. This 61-room adults-only boutique hotel has been completely renovated while still reflecting the charm of Old Havana in a privileged location, just a few steps from Paseo Central Park This is part of … Read more

Florence, Santa Croce loses its historic grocery store after more than 50 years

The signs, of those of the past, are still there: “Pizzicheria salami and cheeses” on one side, “Alimentari Liberio e Luana” on the other is written in vintage characters. But the bandone is lowered, and the historic shop in the neighborhood closed. The pizzicagnolo on the corner between via dell’Isola delle Stinche and piazza San … Read more

“Historic footballer” is protected dancing and kissing a woman who is not his wife


A new ampay will rock the Peruvian show business this August 1. (Photo: Capture) Magaly Medina returns from vacation with his famous ampays. On the afternoon of this Monday, July 1, the Magaly TV La Firme program launched its first preview of the month and surprised by announcing that a soccer player would be the … Read more

“I am considering closing the historic family business”. The outburst of a Piedmontese breeder. Animal husbandry in crisis


ALESSANDRIA – While dairy farming has recorded a slight improvement thanks to the increase in the price paid to producers, the situation in meat stalls is of great difficulty in the province of Alessandria, so much so that some farmers are even considering the closure of the farms. The drought has a heavy impact on … Read more

Murano, the historic glass factory of the Seguso family, in business since the 14th century, fails. Debts of over 5 million


Glass processing A piece of Venice history goes away: Sshg srl of Murano, the glass company of Gianluca and Pierpaolo Seguso, went bankrupt. The two are the heirs of a centuries-old tradition, of one family that has been working glass since the 14th century and who made himself known, with his works, in Italy and … Read more

Historic fires in Gironde: “This fire is a monster”


Reserved for our subscribers ReportageIn the municipalities of La Teste-de-Buch and Landiras, the flames ravaged 14,000 hectares of forest in less than a week and continue to progress. The firefighters have attacked relentlessly with each resumption of fire since the beginning of the morning, the black plume overhangs the dunes and is now observed for … Read more