The crossing of Bourvil (France 3): why did the actor hide his bone marrow cancer for so long?

Bourvil loved to fool around and made millions of viewers laugh with his funny naive roles. But behind this popular figure of French cinema (who hated Fernandel…) was hiding a modest and determined man. Today, Bourvil, whose friendship with Jean-Pierre Mocky was based on a misunderstanding, is without doubt one of the most endearing and … Read more

Cannon salutes, tears and the signs of tension that the royal family cannot hide in the emotional procession of Elizabeth II

LONDON.- Cannon salutes, the tolling of Big Ben, a military band playing funeral marches, tears, pain, applause. And the feeling of living a historical moment, unique and necessary for the nation. It was what happened today London when, in a shocking first great ceremonial event for the death of Elizabeth II, the coffin with the … Read more

The Windsors, the royal family of England who wanted to hide their German past


You are one click away from knowing the story better than anyone else. KNOW MORE Enjoy the special historical Atlas edition at a special price for being a subscriber. SEE MORE In 1917 King George V had a serious image and leadership problem. He was closely related to the royal houses of his enemies in … Read more

In Avignon, one festival can hide another!


Alongside the very official programming of the “In” festival, in prestigious places in Avignon such as the Popes’ Palace, the Carmelite or Célestin cloisters, the “off” festival is that of everything possible. It is given there, on boards in more intimate rooms, professional or amateur actors, acrobat lovers of light comedies or our contemporary tragedies. … Read more