Audace Verona, the certainties of Jessica Naiara: “Family, friendship, God”

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail First 40 minutes with the RossoneriBold Verona on his shoulders, 35 ‘of which played head to head with a favorite Bitonto not only in the match, but throughout the championship. Beyond the final result, however Jessica Naiara Dos Santos is a debut to remember in an ER Arena even more … Read more

Burkina Faso: the Church family of God seen by the faithful

A group of vespers readers at Jean 23 parish in Ouagadougou/September 14, 2022/kamboissoa Samboé/LCA matter of faith Four years after the fiftieth anniversary of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), held from July 20 to 29 in Uganda, on ” The Church Family of God in Africa », priests and laity … Read more

God of War Ragnarok: Family Portrait Series Announced |


From the pages of PlayStation Bloga new collaboration has been announced with five artists who, with their styles, will represent a selection of the most important relationships in history in the family Portraits series of God of War Ragnarok. As written in the article, the relationship between Kratos and Atreus is at the heart of … Read more

HISTORY / “God, country and family”: fascist motto or root of the Catholic resistance?


As was to be expected, the electoral campaign for the next policies on September 25 is dragging itself between low blows and negative publicity. And here everything is allowed, including the mockery of the trinomial “God, Country, Family”. Well, as long as it is a question of posters drawn up by the Hon. Cirinnà with … Read more

“God, country and family” is not a manifesto of love as Meloni says, but the motto of the blackest right


Giorgia Meloni’s latest proposal is to lower taxes for large families. Matteo Salvini, a few days ago, however, had returned to talk about countering the demographic decline, inspired by the Hungarian policies on the family. The sovereign right returns to the attack with a great classic. But be careful, we are not talking about the … Read more

[Disney+] On Order of God: a relevant analysis of religious fundamentalism in the USA


Far from the folkloric aspect that Mormon customs take on for us, By order of God clearly shows the deadly danger of religion when it clings to dogmas in total contradiction with the evolution of society. An impressive but clumsy mini-series. © Hulu By dint of accusing all other religions, and in particular Islam, of … Read more

Criticism of my God, but what have you done to us?: Reunion with the well


The reviews of Laura Zurita:My God, but what have you done to us? Soon it will be 40 years since the marriage between Claude and Marie Verneuil. For this occasion, his four daughters decide to organize a big surprise party at the Chinon family home and invite the parents of each of the sons-in-law to … Read more

‘My God, but what have you done to us?’, the closing of the most successful trilogy of French cinema


In 2014 the director Philippe of Chauveron achieved one of the greatest successes of French cinema (over 12 million viewers only in his country), with the comedy My God, but what have we done to you?, which told the story of Claude and Marie Verneuil, a conservative Catholic couple whose four daughters marry a Muslim, … Read more

Franco Branciaroli: “Without the voice of God we are reduced only to chatter”


Like all the great old men, Franco Branciaroli, born in 1947, he has nothing to lose and a lot to say. Someone called it a “theatrical oil mill” because she has been grinding prose and verse for half a century. School of the Piccolo Teatro in ’68. First time on stage in 1970 (The Battle … Read more

By order of God (Disney +): Andrew Garfield in Mormon, it’s damn good | myCANAL Chad


Job by Alexis Lebrun July 29, 2022 Definitely, nothing seems to be able to stop the British-American actor in recent months. After picking up his second Best Actor Oscar nomination this year, he’s been nominated for an Emmy for his performance in a fascinating new true-crime miniseries: By Order of God. True Detective in Mormons … Read more