The girls of the last row, the adventure of 5 women to discover on Netflix

The girls of the last row / Las de la última fila is the series that mixes escape, social themes and feminine power. A realistic fiction that tells the quest for freedom a group of women all written and directed by the talented Daniel Sánchez Arévalo. The girls of the last row, the adventure of … Read more

How to identify signs of sexual abuse in girls. In Mexico, 1 in 5 may be victims


According to international organizations such as the UN, WHO, UNICEF, and national organizations such as INEGI, 1 in 5 women were victims of some type of violence or sexual abuse when they were children. We tell you how to identify the signs to prevent it from repeating itself in the new generations: According to World … Read more

Girls and boys born in the jungle • La Nación


The final report of the Truth Commission includes a special chapter on children and young people in the context of the internal armed conflict. Among other stories, the volume “It is not a lesser evil” recounts abuses committed against women and minors and requests that they also be recognized as victims. Here is a section … Read more

Girls, boys and adolescents: protagonists and new social actors for Chile


Children and young people represent almost 25% of the country’s population and although today they form part of political, academic and expert discourses on children, they continue to be a forgotten group at electoral times, not only because they do not have the right to vote, but also for not having spaces for their own … Read more

Not only Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi, who are the girls with the whistle


Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi (second from left in the photo), 31 years old, from Livorno, graduated in sociology, in her life as a researcher in a private study center, which is told in the issue of Famiglia Cristiana on newsstands from Thursday 11 August, she is alone among the 50 CAN referees who will direct … Read more

Paramilitaries forced girls to participate in reigns: the macabre findings of violence against schools


The Truth Commission compiled different stories that show how the conflict has affected children in schools. The testimonies portray massacres, threats, sexual violence, recruitment and forced disappearance. It has been said that education is key to transforming the country. However, there are enormous challenges in this area, especially in rural areas, which saw their schools … Read more

The Government fulfills children in rural areas with more than half a million girls and boys in early childhood served

More than 70 representatives of territorial and national entities participated on June 14 and 15 in the meeting for the exchange of significant experiences and good practices for comprehensive care for children in rural areas. In this space, there were 30 significant experiences and good practices focused on territorial management of childhood policies, comprehensive care … Read more