100 years of Ciccio Ingrassia: friendship with Franco Franchi and the memory of his son Giampiero

His son Giampiero remembers the famous Palermo actor, comedian and director Ciccio Ingrassia. Together with his friend Franco Franchi, he was a piece of history of Italian cinema. “I have always said it and I repeat it for the umpteenth time: it is the latest real Italian masks. So, let’s celebrate them alive, because in … Read more

Audace Verona, the certainties of Jessica Naiara: “Family, friendship, God”

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail First 40 minutes with the RossoneriBold Verona on his shoulders, 35 ‘of which played head to head with a favorite Bitonto not only in the match, but throughout the championship. Beyond the final result, however Jessica Naiara Dos Santos is a debut to remember in an ER Arena even more … Read more

Bourvil: return to the secrets of his friendship with Louis de Funès


The story of a meeting between two cinema legends in the 1950s. Bourvil made his acting debut playing the peasant, a bit simpleton on screen. At the same time, Louis de Funès already had a long filmography to his credit, working alongside filmmakers such as Pierre Billon, Sacha Guitry, Maurice Labro and Henri Verneuil. In … Read more

The story of Italian diving at the Sports Festival, Klaus Debiasi and Giorgio Cagnotto between rivalry and friendship


TRENTO. The two protagonists of this long and lasting story for 75 years nowthey have in common, first of all the passion, born from a family tradition for diving: the father of Debiasis was Olympic athlete, the uncle of Cagnotto he participated in the European Championships. Distant times, different times. The dives themselves were different, … Read more

Enzo Iacchetti: career, family and friendship with Ezio Greggio


Enzo Iacchetti told himself in a long interview in which he retraced some of the most important moments of his private and professional life. The comedian will soon turn 70 and at the end of the year he will resume Antonio Ricci’s program, “Striscia la Notizie”, in the company of his historic colleague Ezio Greggio. … Read more

“I had finally found my family!” : between Sempé and the New Yorker, a “friendship” of 40 years


“Artist Jean-Jacques Sempé – or JJ, to his New Yorker readers – has died aged 89“, writes on his Instagram account the magazine “The New Yorker”, in a post tribute to the French designer, died aged 89. “Sempé has contributed over 100 covers to The New Yorker, more than any other contemporary artist“, continues the … Read more

Is friendship always good for teenagers?


Youth friendships were once written in schoolyards or on sports grounds, during a birthday party or a summer camp. But with “chats” and “likes”, social networks are moving the lines. How do children and adolescents define and view friendship today? From psychology to sociology, researchers try to break through “the laws of friendship” in this … Read more