Michel Cymes, 65, who fought against cancer, continues, with his wife, to participate in charity events in support of children

Incognito is how Michel Cymes fought a battle none of his countless viewers feared: cancer. The bomb, announced by Le Parisien in early September 2022, is subtly described in a new book, scheduled for release on October 5, 2022. He is surely not unknown to you. Michel Cymes, the most famous doctor on French television … Read more

Dragons against elves: the great battle for the throne of epic fantasy is fought on television


Less than two weeks will separate the premieres of the two biggest blockbusters that can be seen this year on television. Both based on great literary phenomena. The two, prequels of stories that broke records in the audiovisual. The two, essential for the future of their platforms. And the two belonging to a genre, that … Read more

Women who fought for women’s rights: the stories of great characters | the Lifebuoy


We are talking about women defending other women. But the models to follow for a more just society do not always have the kind face of adult ladies. Often, it was “little” women who changed the world. “Arrogant” little girls or girls in front of the power that wants to crush them. Let’s get to … Read more