For children and adolescents in vulnerable situations. CELEBRITIES JOIN THE CAMPAIGN LOOKING FOR FOSTER FAMILIES 09-23-2022 – 15:02 Francisco Pérez Bannen, Eliana Albasetti and Susana Hidalgo among others: Actors and influencers join the campaign that seeks Foster Families for children and adolescents in vulnerable situations The initiative called “Acoger Es” -inspired by the story of … Read more

Four appointments dedicated to foster care: there are 82 minors in Piacenza with an ‘extra family’

Three meetings and a theatrical performance to talk about foster care. A reality for 82 children and minors of the Municipality of Piacenza, who can count on this important support during a difficult moment of their family of origin. In the coming weeks, at the Solidarity Emporium in via Primo Maggio and, for the last … Read more

Families from all over Spain meet in Santiago next month to promote foster care


Santiago de Compostela will become the center for the meeting of host families from all over Spain from October 7 to 9organized by the Acougo association. there is a lot lack of knowledge about what foster care is, both the legal part and what it means to have to take care of a minor who … Read more

Help stray cats in Albi are desperately looking for foster families


the essential The association Help stray cats of Albi organizes Sunday, September 18 open doors in Cunac to discover its missions and try to recruit volunteers and foster families. Elodie Segonne has been rescuing stray cats for years in the streets of Albi and surrounding towns. Just like Nathalie Salesse. And Véronique Reverchon too. The … Read more

Rubis, saved from abuse, is looking for an emergency foster family in Grenoble


By Aline Duchene Published on 18 Aug 22 at 15:53 News Grenoble See my news Follow this media Rubis, a young dog saved from abuse by the half-dog, half-wolf association, is urgently looking for a foster family. (DR) “If we can’t find a family, we have zero solution for Rubis”, explains Fanny Mateo, volunteer for … Read more

Foster family for animals, volunteering essential to shelters


In summer, with the heat and the departures on vacation, abandonments and births multiply, while adoptions are rare. To take care of dogs and cats waiting for a new home, host families take some of the residents of the Poitiers SPA into their homes. For Laurence Praud, the “host family” adventure began five years ago, … Read more

Encourage foster care for children in distress


The reception of children and young adults in distress is diversifying to meet the needs. There is a waiting list for placements in centers or foster families. At the last census, dating from last October, the child and family aid system had 1,299 day and night reception places, including 40 reserved for emergency reception. These … Read more

Turpin children abused by foster family, forced to eat their own vomit: lawsuit


The Turpin siblings, who made headlines in 2018 when they were rescued from their parents’ ‘house of horrors’ in California, were allegedly abused by their foster family – who forced them to eat their own vomit and told them to kill themselves, according to two new lawsuits. Six of the 13 youngest Turpin children filed … Read more