Doctor Quinn, female doctor: how does the mythical series of the 1990s end?

It was in 1993 that appeared Doctor Quinn, female doctor on American television. Barely a few months later, it is M6 which broadcasts it in France. Today, the series is available on the Salto streaming platform. The series takes place in Colorado Springs in the American Wild West. The story begins in 1867 and features … Read more

Films with female directors: the titles not to be missed


Many female directors have been able to create truly extraordinary stories: here are the ones you shouldn’t miss in the cinema and in streaming. 08/18/2022 – Veronica Redazione From Olivia Wilde passing through Chloé Zhao until you get to Jane Campionthere are really numerous directors that over the years have been able to give life … Read more

Maternity and high level: the headache for female jockeys?


In April, the handball player Cléopâtre Darleux opened the debate in a video produced by our colleagues from Brut. Five minutes of diving into her life as a mother, a professional player and an Olympic champion. An accumulation of caps that surprised, questioned and highlighted a growing problem. Because if many top athletes are fathers, … Read more

Party at TFF for Il Padrino / 2 Records, famous phrases, female faces


In this page: The records The phrases that made the film famous The female protagonists Today it goes without saying that The Godfather it was one of the greatest hits of all time, but in the beginning it was far from obvious. You can guess this from the film’s initial budget: 1 million dollars. Robert … Read more

Taormina Film Fest 68, a return to the great splendors of female talents and Oscar Awards


It’s a Taormina Film Fest stronger and more self-confident than that which emerged during the press conference for the presentation of the 68th edition held this morning in the setting of the Hotel Metropole in the Sicilian city. A Taormina that aims to return to the great splendors of the past, to bring back the … Read more