Cinema in places of culture, the tour of Federico Moccia’s “Mamma qui I’m in charge” starts from Mann

The first stage of the “Participation Tour” of “Mamma here I am in control!” the new film by Federico Mocciawhich, in the coming months, will lead the younger generations to experience cinema in places of culture. Through the “Partymovie” project, funded by Invitalia, the Ministry of Culture and the European Commission (Cultura Crea), children up … Read more

At the Mann the “Participation Tour” of Federico Moccia’s film

archaeological site of Naples NoonSeptember 23, 2022 – 5:05 pm “Mamma here I am in charge”: a project funded by the European Commission, the Ministry of Culture and Invitalia to encourage young generations to visit the major Italian cultural sites through cinema from Online editing The first stage of the “Participation Tour” of “Mamma here … Read more

Federico, brother of Joaquín Prat, contradicts his family and claims to be rehabilitated


Two weeks ago Federico Prat appeared in a Channel 8 report in which he said that his life had become very complicated in recent years. He had reached the point of begging on the street to survive, something that caught the attention of many people. The family released a joint statement stating that Federico had … Read more

Federico Pavlovsky: “The treatment of problematic consumption is summarized in the outpatient, availability, adrenaline and playful”


The psychiatrist synthesized with these concepts the keys of the device that bears his last name and is destined to approach addictions and compulsive behaviors. He gave a dissertation on Friday at the Molino Fénix Complex in Villa Mercedes and another this Saturday at the La Punta Convention Center. The event that brought the specialist … Read more

Federico Rossi: “I remember the smell of the leather of the seats on my father’s Ferrari 348”


The relationship of the Modenese singer with cars, from his father’s Red when he was a kid to experiences on the track with Porsches, arriving at the track dedicated to the 24 Hours of Le Mans inspired by the famous film with Steve McQueen. And a Ferrari Purosangue for the future … Federico Rossi for … Read more

Federico Chabod, historien européen. Une relecture


Federico Chabod a été l’un des plus grands historiens du XXe siècle. Le qualifier d’« historien européen » semble évident, tant en raison du prestige qui l’a entouré que des sujets qu’il a traités. Beaucoup penseront immédiatement au volume, traduit en de nombreuses langues, qui rassemble (en les fusionnant malencontreusement en un seul texte) les cours universitaires … Read more