“We do not pay”, even in Cosenza the national campaign against expensive bills

CORIGLIANO – ROSSANO (CS) – IS Gerardo Smurra, president of Simet to explain to AGI the painful choice that led to the dismissal of 40 people (another 30 spontaneously gave up their jobs), motivating the reasons for the reduction in personnel due to a huge crisis that has hit and continues to affect the entire … Read more

The purchase of a family of four is already 567 euros more expensive per year

As in the eighties song of Alaska and the Pegamoides Horror in the hypermarket, scares in supermarkets have become the daily life of many consumers. Never have so many foods risen so much at once, or for so long. The situation, with price increases for a year that accelerated from March, is unprecedented according to … Read more

House of the Dragon is already a record for the debut of the series costing 20 million dollars per episode (but it is not the most expensive)


Almost $ 20 million. It is the cost of making each episode of the first season from “House of the Dragon“, The anticipated prequel of”game of Thrones”, Released in the United States (and simultaneously also in Italy, in the original language), on 22 August. And almost ten million are the spectators who stayed in front … Read more

Umbrella readings: the 6 most expensive celeb weddings ever


When it comes to celebrity weddings there are no budget limits since the day of wedding it must be opulent and excessive. Or at least, this seems to be the trend philosophy of recent years. Of course, this rule does not apply to everyone as in the case of low profile (and low cost) weddings … Read more

The lunge against the expensive rents in Milan: “Me, Marius and the cats in 45 square meters”


from Luca Caglio The author of «Febbre» talks about the difficulties in finding a larger apartment: «Even in the suburbs, prices from 800 euros for a two-room apartment. Many people are forced to share the house with strangers. Is this independence? ” “I’m starting to think that my future will no longer be here, in … Read more

Netflix news: the most expensive film on the platform and the last season of The Walking Dead


Discover, thanks to AlloCiné, the films and series that will be released on Netflix between July 22 and 28! THE ESSENTIAL OF THE WEEK! The Gray Man (07/22): Absent from the screens for 4 years, Ryan Gosling is making a comeback with great fanfare on the front of the stage by being the hero of … Read more



by Alberto Greco In June, inflation gave the Modenese a real sting. Following an increase of 1.4% over the month of May, the consumer price index for the whole community (Nic) on an annual basis increases by 8.2%. This translates into a real drain on the pockets of families, as according to the calculation made … Read more

Sea or mountains, are expensive holidays: a family will spend up to 700 euros more


Between expensive bills and a hot shopping cart, the Rossi family, two adults and two children, also comes to terms with a hot holiday budget. A week off at the hotel sea it will cost you 4,800 euros this year. If it will go in mountain will have to take into account to spend 4,100, … Read more