At 300 euros, this premium tablet is the best alternative to the iPad Pro

The French Days start today at online merchants. Since this morning, AliExpress has been unveiling exceptional offers that target many references. Even if these are premium and popular with the public, they are entitled to very advantageous prices, this is the case of the famous Mi Pad 5 tablet from Xiaomi. With the current offer, … Read more

2nd generation Echo Show 5: almost 60 euros discount on Amazon

With a HD touchscreen display from 5.5 “ it’s a 2 MP cameraL’Echo Show 5 from second generation from Amazon uses a lot of new features that expand traditional Alexa skills. With Dual-band Wi-Fi and two microphones, connects to your home wireless network and lets you intuitively play music, video chat with friends, check weather … Read more

Mañueco announces that a family will be able to save up to 3,000 euros per student with the help of the Board

blank | 09/23/2022 – 1:38 p.m. During the inauguration of the 2022-2023 school year in Castilla y León, held this morning at the IES Conde Diego Porcelos, in Burgos, the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, announced for this legislature an increase in aid to families to meet school expenses … Read more

Bonus TV 2022, we go from 30 to 50 euros with the Aid bis decree: what to know


There is no shortage of news in the Aid decree bisrecently converted into law, and one of these concerns the TV bonus. This is a subsidy provided by the Government, in order to financially support families who intend to buy a device updated to the new digital terrestrial technologies (DVB T2 decoder). Only in this … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) has offered himself an apartment for 2 million euros, the photos of his incredible pied


Daniel Radcliffe became millionaire at the age of 11 thanks to the success of the first film Harry Potter. Since then, his fortune has only grown, enabling him to acquire superb real estate. Indeed, according to Celebrity Net WorthRadcliffe’s current fortune stands at 110 million euros. And that’s not all ! Each year, it increases … Read more

“Dear bills, 500 euros per family by unblocking the regional law proposal. An energy pact for Umbria”


A theme that has now become mainstream for weeks. The energy price increases are causing enormous problems also in Italy. A much debated topic at national and local level, the subject of the press conference convened by the Five Star Movement, in the hall of the province of Terni. Thomas De Luca (regional councilor) spoke; … Read more

Support for renting in the Savio Valley, each family can obtain up to 3 monthly payments for a maximum of 1500 euros


To concretely support people and families in economic difficulty, in a particularly critical phase due to the effects of the pandemic combined with those of the war and the energy crisis. Until Friday 21 October, citizens who live in the municipalities of Bagno di Romagna, Cesena, Mercato Saraceno, Montiano, Sarsina and Verghereto can apply to … Read more

The purchase of a family of four is already 567 euros more expensive per year


As in the eighties song of Alaska and the Pegamoides Horror in the hypermarket, scares in supermarkets have become the daily life of many consumers. Never have so many foods risen so much at once, or for so long. The situation, with price increases for a year that accelerated from March, is unprecedented according to … Read more

Bologna on the podium of inflation: the bill is 2,370 euros per family


Bologna takes its place on the third step of the podium for inflation with an average additional expense of € 2,370 per year per family. The data, which carries the value ofincrease in prices in the last 12 months to + 9.5% against 10.5% in Bolzano and 10.2% in Trento, is photographed by Istat data … Read more

Inflation, a new record and a sting of 2500 euros per family: half of Italians ration their shopping at the supermarket


L’inflation it does not stop and prices continue to skyrocket, despite the restrictive monetary policy of the ECB. According to theIstat in August in Italy it touched the record value since 1985with a leap of8.4% on an annual basis, just below the European value (+ 9.1%). The growth compared to the previous month is 0.8%. … Read more