“The critical spirit” cinema: luxury, eroticism and motherhood

Was the Palme d’Or at the last Cannes Film Festival awarded to a film as long and flashy as The Yacht That Embarks Its Characters, or does it reflect a political cinema that read the economist Thomas Piketty? Is a post-colonial gay “69” sexual scene in a landscape of forest ravaged by flames subversive or … Read more

From ‘Felipe and Letizia’ to ‘Save the King’: how scandals and ‘streaming’ allowed critical television with the monarchy

Two known episodes. February 16, 1994. The press of the day reports the non-issuance of worst show of the week, late night broadcast on TVE’s La 2 directed by Fernando Trueba, who had just won the Oscar for belle epoque, and presented by The Greater Wyoming. The reason, the veto of the Entity’s management to … Read more

The Sandman: what is the Netflix TV series recommended for over 18s? (Critical)


Highly anticipated for months, The Sandman has been available on Netflix since August 5, 2022. With clean acting, a clear plot and a friendly cast, this is an interesting series to follow. The netflix tv series The Sandman made a lot of noise long before its release. Between a promising trailera cast luxury, a highly … Read more

Actress Anne Heche, in critical condition after crashing into a house


The 53-year-old actress Anne Heche has suffered a traffic accident in Los Angeles and is “in critical condition” after crashing into a house. On the afternoon of August 5, different local media in the city of California reported a strong collision that caused a fire and that forced the firefighters to go urgently to rescue … Read more

Spanish family doctors, meeting in Seville, point out that the situation is critical and ask for more resources

HA Seville Updated:06/30/2022 14:22h Save RELATED NEWS The Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC) has opened its annual congress this Thursday, which takes place in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville, demanding a General Law of Primary Care (AP). «The current situation of the PA in our country, the lack of … Read more